Wednesday March 19, 2008

The other day, I started thinking about how much I loved libraries.  I like them because they always seem holy.  Maybe that is largely due to the quietness and hushed voices – which always seem to signal holiness – but when someone speaks loudly or rudely it seems to violate the sanctity of the library.  I also like that they are free and that you can do whatever you want there.  Whether it be the latest mystery novel, checking your email, reading a magazine, it is all there and it is all free.  What could be better?

If I ever have to give one of those Ms. America speeches – which, by virtue of this thought, I am apparently planning on – the way I would make the world a better place would be by mandating all citizens get library cards.

That is pretty much my only profound thought for the day.  This afternoon, I will be taking the beloved Amtrak back to Grand Rapids for a prolonged Easter Break.  Have a good one and catch y’all on the flipside.