Friends of Covenant History Reception Speech

Greetings. My name is Andy Meyer and I’m very happy to be here today representing the Covenant’s Commission on Covenant History. Specifically, I’ve been tasked with telling everyone how they can get involved in the group “Friends of Covenant History.” This group – supported by the Commission on Covenant History – is intended to gather, connect, and equip people interested in Covenant history so that together we can engage and expand the Covenant story.

This is a really exciting and interesting group – and I wanted my announcement to be equally exciting and interesting. So I thought “what would make for a great announcement?” and “who makes great announcements?” I thought to myself: politicians! – they make great announcements! But then I thought – politics can be polarizing forces – “Friends of Covenant History” is meant to be as inclusive as possible. So I scrapped that idea.

Then I thought – infomercials! They have perfected the sales pitch; I could provide a little background, reveal the project in stages with rhetorical flourishes. But “Friends of Covenant History” isn’t about selling a product or trying to create a need; “Friends of Covenant History” is about trying to foster a community of people centered on solving real community needs. So I scrapped the infomercial idea.

Then it dawned on me. This group is looking for members – members united by shared interests and yet rich in diversity. We are looking for informed and engaged members. The best model for this announcement isn’t a political campaign. It’s not the infomercial. It’s the Public Television or NPR membership drive!

So, without further complication or introduction, I’d like to kick off the first ever “Friends of Covenant History” membership drive!

  • The best way to get involved with “Friends of Covenant” is by becoming a member! Membership is a way to formalize your support with a financial contribution. The membership fee is minimal – it mostly goes to cover the cost of printing, cookies, and coffee – but is an important part of making this project sustainable.
  • And if you become a member of “Friends of Covenant History”, you get an awesome gift! Right now, it’s this amazing mug but we have other dreams for the future. It’s our way of saying thanks for becoming a member!
  • Beyond membership, you can also join the growing “Friends of Covenant History” communities on social media. Right now, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. We will continue posting interesting articles and cool pictures – but we also want to hear from you! Share an important date, post a picture or stories, ask a question and we’ll do our best to connect you to others.
  • I’ve talked about membership, I’ve talked about the amazing membership gift, and I’ve talked about connecting with us on social media. If this were an infomercial, I would say – “But wait, there’s more!” Another way to get involved is to contact the Commission directly and share your thoughts, stories, or questions. There are opportunities to write for the newsletter, host regional gatherings, to equip local churches to preserve and share local stories, and many more. The Commission’s role isn’t to manage all those projects but to connect and resource local people and churches. If there are opportunities for us to better serve the Covenant church, please stop us today or contact us in the future and let us your thoughts and ideas.
  • Finally, the last way to strengthen this group is to get more people involved!
    • Ask your friends to become “Friends of Covenant History” and share us with your church.
    • Tell your local historian or archivist about this organization! Membership in this organization make a great gift for that “special someone” in your church or community!

Our desire is that this group be as broad and as inclusive as possible so that we can gather, connect, and equip the entire Covenant community. Your history is our history – we need your stories to tell the broader Covenant story and we think that the broader Covenant story gives inspiration, warning, encouragement, and guidance to our local stories. Join with us in this work by becoming a member, joining us online, and by sharing us with your community. Thank you!