Thursday March 27, 2003


another entry, man, i lead a dull boring life.  i had great game of ‘the-throw-a-carrot-into-the-cup-game’ tonight at dinner with ek.  it was intense, emotions ran high.  oh well, all i did since i last put something on this 2 bit website is played in orchestra.  it was okay, zell, the conducter, is really really funny.  many of his sayings do not translate well into english.  oh well.  i will share another deep insight into life, and be done.

what to enlighten the masses with….. hum….

well, i personally think that showers show a lack of faith in the divine powers.  what are we really saying when we shower, God, i think the way you naturally made me smell and look is wrong, so i am going to fix your ‘mistake’ every day.  I mean, the birds of the air surely do not shower and worry about how there hair looks.  i mean, God must love people that stink.  that is my thought on the much debated issue of personal hygeine.  this is also a call to all true believers, give up the shackles of ‘personal hygeine’ and ‘cleaniness’ and ‘showering’.  come on that stuff is for the birds (wait…..i thought…. i am confused) i think a hearty robust natural smell can be a great way to witness to people.

that is all, i hope everyone is having the greatest day of their lives.

Thursday March 27, 2003

man, sometimes i wish i wasn’t so slow.  take about 2 minutes, ago.  i was finishing a rather long entry thing, when i try to do something else at the same time.  this is a bad idea, and short story even shorter, i am beginning again with a new entry.  not only was this an incovinance to me, but also a lost to humanity.  to borrow someone else’s description of my writing (seriously, this is a quote.)  “The prose was intoxicating, as well as the depth and clarity…It was good, clever, and quite appropriate”  yeah, thats right.  now to tell every one a bit about myself.  to begin, i am freshman here at north park university.  NPU is the mecca of swedish-covenant people, and though i am not swedish, i am covenant.  that is how i ended up here.  i am currrently only taking 3 classes (subsequently, there may be frequent updates due to the huge amounts of free time.)  this leads me to an important point that i will address now.

Why do many college kids enjoy things like homestar, and text twist, and ceiling fans??  i believe it is due to the copious amounts of ‘study time’.  notice the use of the ‘.  by ‘study time’ i an not naive enough to that any real studying or reading actually takes place.  the typical ‘study time’ for the typical college student looks like this.  well, it begins by telling everyone, either at a meal, or a social gather of some sort that they are going to study.  then go and sit down, typically by a computer and open a book.  they say a quick pray, and look longingly out the window if it is a nice day, and longingly at the bed if they are tired, longingly at the phone if they are ‘seeing’ someone, longingly (well, semi longingly) at a.r.a. if they are hungry.  after all that longing, they are tired, and feel they deserve a break.  they check there email, sometimes compulsively, and then surf there way to my xanga site to see if there are any updates.  if there is not, they navigate over to homestar, yahoo games, or go in search of a ceiling fan.  if they is an update on my site, they will stay here and be amazed, humbled, and awe-struck at the awesome (yes, thats right, insiping the awe of God) writing.  They will be so engrossed that they will ignore their roommate, the phone, time itself, and acts-of-God until they are brought to tears.  then they look up and realize that lots of time has past and that they have not even begun to do there homework.  there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth at this stage.

I am convinced that is the typical study day of most college kids.  i am still working on the political, social, and theological ramifications of this interesting, and unique, event.  i do not like to associate myself a school of philosphical thought, or a political party, i like to think/vote my mind. (ding).  that is one of my many profound and insightful….insights into life.  more to follow i am sure.  until then, i will get to more important things, like text twist, homestar.   until i get bored and decide to ramble some more, take care.  now where is there a ceiling fan i can use???


Thursday March 27, 2003

well, well, well, the internet is not so big and bad that i cannot use it.  look, you got here, and i have my own website.  craziness.  oh well, i hope that this website will provide a fascinating look into the inner thoughts, desires and emotions of a certain freshman at a certain christian liberal arts college.  Due to the combination of abundant free time, and lack of many ‘real friends’ i will most likely update this site frequently.  until i grow tired of it, then i shall stop.  Thats about all right now.  get some sleep.