New Years Intentions- 2017

Adopting New Years Intentions – rather than New Year’s Resolutions – reflects a more generous and flexible approach to my personal development. I’m big into self improvement and goal setting and I think this will provide a good framework for that energy. I’m also hoping to reflect on these intentions every month to set new “goals” or tangible expressions of these intentions.

The headings below are my intentions for 2017 – the bullet points that follow are my January “mini-resolutions” that work toward that goal.

Be Healthy

For me, this is a near annual resolution. But for the last year I’ve lost a decent amount of weight and think that I’m on the right track doing a very normal and consistent diet and lifestyle. I would like to exercise more…but I really don’t see how that is possible during this season of my life. So I’m resolving to simply track my eating and my weight and starting a very simple and basic routine each day.

  • Track the food I eat and my weight using the MyFitnessPal app. Do this everyday.
  • Do at least 50 squats everyday. Do pushups and planks when Sophia is on the blanket.

Be Productive

A somewhat ambiguous intention – this boils down to a more structured approach to my time. I’m going to try, with Christy, to schedule out our weeks in advance -especially in terms of meal planning. I’m also interested in using my morning time to continue washing diapers and tending to other household chores. And listening to podcasts…but that’s not really a resolution per se!

  • Schedule my days and weeks. Create chore chart, meal plan, and schedule my work days.
  • Wake up early (before 7am) each day. Do something meaningful in this time.

Be Present

Lastly, I want to intentionally be present with my family – my wife and child – and be present to myself. The parenting thing is new and difficult…but I think being present is (1) one good intention and (2) something that seems surprisingly difficult to achieve in practice. I find myself often “escaping” into my own thoughts or plans – or into the time wasting parts of the internet. So I’m declaring an intention to be more present to life – especially to my child, my wife, and myself.

  • Read with Sophia everyday.
  • Be present with Christy each day. Show love.
  • Take time to journal and reflect.

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