Monday March 2, 2009

Greetings! Xanga, how could I ever think of leaving you?

However, I’ve been cheating on you with the ever-popular facebook. And that relationship is what inspired this entry.

Bored at work, I was browsing through facebook groups when I found a discussion topic that boggled my mind. It was not the ubiquitous (and sensible, reasoned, and edifying) debates regarding abortion, evolution, theology, the Middle East, sexuality, or politics that caught my eye. It was this conversation topic that stuck out to me and caused me to stop and realize how unbelievable facebook can be:

what does your name spell backwards?

and 37 people, in the comments, responded with their names spelled backwards. A few people added LOLs or HAHAs afterwards to show their joy and excitement about their name spelled backwards. Some even responded to other posts with LOLs or ‘GrEaT tOPic!’

Only one person responded with the only sensible answer: “my name seems nothing backwards”.

Now I was going to parade this around about how facebook is a worthless waste of time, how online discourse is meaningless, how we all should be doing better things with our time: reading books, writing poems, dancing with friends.

But here I sit, browsing through facebook, wasting my time reading other people’s stupid conversations and now adding to the din of online discourse.

It’s time for me to go, go read a book, write a poem, or dance with friends.

But I will be back, xanga. Always and forever, xanga.