Thursday October 2, 2008

Well, I’ve had an interesting morning.

This morning, I had to get my immunization record updated.  No big deal, right?  I’ve got new insurance so hence a new doctor.  Totally random, just picked a name off a list.  Big mistake.  I walk up to a shady medical storefront on Broadway.  Filed out my medical history mostly with documents written in Russian.  Walked back and aced my blood pressure test.  Small Russian woman walks in: my doctor.   This conversation then happens:

Dr: [thick Russian accent] You healthy?
Me: Yeah, I feel gre…
Dr: [interrupting] You need to lose weight.
Me: [awkwardly] Yeah, I guess so…
Dr:  Yes.  Must lose weight.  You know; diet; exercise.

I proceed to re-explain that I just need a Tetanus shot and for her to sign a form – I had already explained this on the telephone when I made the appointment and at the counter when I walked in.  Other nurses assured me this would be fine and simple.  Not quite.  They actually don’t even do adult immunizations there.  It takes 10 minutes to communicate that she is unable to fulfill the sole reason I made this appointment.  She then insists on examining me anyway, which turns out to be the shortest and least thorough examination I have endured.  Despite the brevity, when listening to my heart, she again reminds me that I have ‘a lot of weight to lose’.  Super.

So I still need a Tetanus shot and this form filled out by a doctor, so she gives me a referral.  Of sorts.  She tells me just to go down to the board of public health, lie and say I don’t have insurance and get the shot there.  Whether or not this is good advice remains to be seen.

In other news:

  • I’ve moved.  I alternatively think of this as a very minor move or a very major move.
  • I now live in Kenwood.  I can now work to work.  Much better. 
  • I’ve started taking a Latin class.  Thus far, I am really enjoying it.  Good to be back in a classroom as a student.
  • I’m making an effort to stay connected to all my friends on the Northside – and around the world.  Be patient.

That’s all.  Back to WGN.  Pray for the Cubs.