Tuesday August 5, 2008

Xanga, it has been a while.

Life moves on.  I am now two months into the new job, which is about time I stop referring to it as ‘new’.  It is just my job at this point.  Overall, it is good and I am grateful to have it.  I am enjoying a lot of the benefits: relaxed work atmosphere, hours of NPR a day, health and dental insurance, library privledges, the fact no one has cursed me out; compared to teaching, it is a breeze.  However, these comparisons are not all as happy and I sometimes feel discontent – or at the very least unresolved – about the juxtaposition of these vocational experiences.

But in the meantime, I have taken up a host of hobbies: Covenant league softball, paper making, art projects, and, most recently, stamp collecting, in addition to the usual pastimes: biking, crosswords, and hot dogs.  This summer was marked by five high points: namely seeing my mother for five consecutive weekends.  What a streak!  What a lady!

That might be all the excitement I have to report.  As always, I hereby pledge to update more frequently.