Saturday February 9, 2008

As my mother so aptly pointed out, Advent is long over and my xanga is liturgically incorrect.  So with that in mind: a new entry.

Speaking of the Church Calendar: Lent is here.  Lent seems like a hard thing to get excited about; indeed, with a goal of ‘worthily lamenting our sins and acknowledging our own wretchedness’ it is not something to look giddily forward to.  Yet at the same time, I find it liberating and exciting; for the end goal is to understand and grasp ‘perfect remission and forgiveness’ from the ‘God of all mercy’.  With these two goals in mind, I wish you a pentitent Lent.

On a related note: simple Lenten dinners of soup and bread will be taking place weekly throughout Lent.  The invitation is open and I hope that any interested party feels welcome to come.