Tuesday December 4, 2007

Advent is here and Christmas is coming.  I’ll try and find some balance.

Christmas List:

1.  Subscription to: the Covenant Companion or the Chicago Tribune.
2.  SmartWool socks
3.  Book of New York Times Crossword puzzles.
4.  A stylish sweater vest.
5.  Gift certificate to a local bookstore.
6.  Writing utensils: fine point, black sharpies or a mechanical pencil with thick lead.

Advent Thought:

In all Classical Masses – think Mozart and Bach – they sing the Nicene Creed.  Already I love the idea of singing the creed, but one part in particular is of special note.  In the section about Jesus, after the grand Anti-Arian phrases “God of God, Light of Light, true God of true God” comes the phrase often translated “and became man”.  The notable part is that regardless of how broad or grand or majestic the music is until that point, there is always a break and pause before that line, as if the composer and whole orchestra and choir is stopping to whisper: Et incarnatus est.  To me, this has always provided a very meaningful snapshot of advent; that this is the time where the whole order of the world slows and quiets to acknowledge: Jesus was born!  Immanuel!