Friday October 26, 2007

As I slowly try to reply to all the phone, email, and facebook messages, I thought I would provide a concrete update as well as thanks to all my friends out there.

Last Tuesday, while riding my bicycle, I was hit by a car and hence spent my entire birthday in intensive care.  Not an ideal way to spend a birthday, but, all things considered, it could have been much worse.  I did all the standard tests they make you do after a head injury, but passed all of them with flying colors.  I was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon and am now resting and recovering in the comforts of Grand Rapids.  I’ll be back in Chicago this Sunday and would likely love to see most of you.

I have really been humbled by the amount of prayer and number of calls I have received in the last few days.  And while I don’t think my condition really merited all the concern – I felt fine for all that I can remember and was the least intensive patient in the ICU – I am certainly appreciative and grateful for all the prayers.

Monday October 22, 2007

The banner ad on the top of my site just advertised a tour of Chicago hot dog places.  Oh xanga, how did you know?  Whatever creepy software that reads my site and then selects a targeted ad for me is really winning my heart.  I’m not joking!

So much to BLOG about!

I am thinking about becoming an essayist in-line with David Sedaris and Bill Bryson.  Any thoughts?  My essays will be most autobiographical.  They will be full of funny little observations and I will end with a little lesson or maybe just end on a hilarious note.  The short list of essay topics would include such great moments/topics as:

  • when the trusted family fridge broke and I wept.
  • how my parents removed the violent cards from the uno deck.
  • when I vomited during a church service.
  • the epic tale of my first kiss.
  • the month or so I was obsessed with sandwiches.
  • tommy fields.
  • tales of being a hospital janitor.
  • how eccentric Tim Murakami is.
  • tales of being a teacher on the southside.
  • and all the other tidbits of life that excite me: hot dogs, church history…I guess that is it.

Yeah.  That sounds great!  I have also been dreaming about hosting a do-it-yourself concert of Handel’s Messiah.  One where untrained singers could just sing along in some relaxed setting.  I recently purchased a tape and we had quite the sing-a-long today in the car.

Friday October 12, 2007

I am thinking about becoming the first Covenant Jesuit.  Any thoughts?

The job search is quite frustrating and my ability to find and apply for jobs has reached an all time low.  Thoughts, advice, and encouragement would be much appreciated.

Good things exist though.  The weather has been wonderful: crisp and cool.  The Office has not disappointed these past 3 weeks. The apartment is really coming together, it has been cleaned and we are really settling in.  A housewarming party is in the works, but in the meantime feel free to swing by:

5016 N Winchester Apt. 3F
Chicago, IL 60640

or just write me lots of mail.

Welp.  That might be it.

Tuesday October 2, 2007


  • Fall weather.  My favorite season is beginning.
  • The new apartment.  I’m excited to move in and be settled somewhere.  Come over and visit sometime.
  • A wonderful weekend at Covenant Point this weekend.  To was good to see people and to actually do some work.
  • To anyone who remembers what I am referencing with this style of entry.


  • The employment search.  All I want is to do something good with my time and talents.
  • McDonalds no longer sells extra large pops for 89 cents.  Sad, sad day.
  • My cell phone being uncharged.  Regardless of how hard I try, I always find myself in situations like this.

But, despite all the props and stops of my life, read this hymn.

I would post the lyrics, but that violates rule #2 of Xanga: do not post song lyrics.

Is xanga dead?