Sunday May 6, 2007

Well hello.

I am writing this entry from the comforts of Brandel library.  I have been working on lesson plans for a good part of the afternoon, but, suddenly, I seem to have lost all interest and energy for that.  So I am updating my xanga.

I also should be doing my laundry.

Life, lately, has been full.  Teaching is brutal at times, but it is also teaching me a lot.  It is likely the hardest thing I have ever done.  My feelings about it fluctuate by the hour, so it is hard to make concrete statements that I will agree with tomorrow.

It is also strange to be around North Park for another graduation.  Last year was awkward and sad and now this graduation is awkward and sad.  Though I am happy that so many people are entering the adult world with me – misery loves company – I am also deeply saddened because it truly marks the end of an era and a large transition in many important relationships.  I am anxious about the change and fearful of loneliness, but also confident that things will work themselves out and hopeful that relationships will not only survive, but broaden and deepen.

I have no advice or wisdom to share with those graduating other than to drink deep the day.