Wednesday January 31, 2007

After a vexing job search, and pending a mountain of bureaucratic paperwork, I think I will soon be employed as a teacher for the Chicago Public School system.  That is a relief, but I am also quite anxious to actually get started; which, due to the paperwork, may take quite a bit of time.  Oh well.

Also, I am in love with ‘The Office’.  Who knew it was so funny?  Well, I guess most of North Park knows…

Good-bye Kenny and Ben.  Sorry I did not say good-bye.  I’ll try and send you guys an email or something.

Whenever I wear deoderant, there is almost always a slight burning sensation on my underarm.


Saturday January 6, 2007

Everyone always says there is no real point to resolutions.  And while I have never achieved any of the goals I set on January 1st, I think they serve an important purpose.  It is good to take measure of your life and see what changes could be made for the better.  At the very least, they are always very funny to look back on.  Example: This summer, last year, and the year before.  The goals I made are funny, progressive, and clearly not kept. 

So, to process the year, guide my future, and provide laughs in the distant future, here are my goals for 2007.

1.  Become more aware of what I consume:

  • Become aware of the nutrition of what I consume and adjust eating habits accordingly
  • Become aware of how my food is produced and the environmental, economic, and social implications
  • Read good books
  • Stop watching ‘My Super Sweet 16’

2.  Become less socially awkward and learn to reflect in a constructive way:

  • Start and maintain a journal
  • Dance regularly (dance class?)
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships
  • Stop referring to my roommates and friends as ‘rats’
  • Take and enjoy pictures

3.  Become more physically fit and well maintained:

  • Play daily
  • Walk more
  • Drink more water
  • Learn to tend to my own facial hair
  • Shower regularly
  • Floss

4.  Tend to basic Christian practices:

  • Pray more
  • Memorize scripture
  • Practice a Sabbath rest
  • Host potlucks

5.  Other resolutions:

  • Donate blood regularly
  • Explore Chicago fully
  • Become economically responsible
  • Become a teacher
  • Start learning a language
  • Wean self from internet (email, xanga, facebook) addiction
  • Hug everyone

6.  Resolutions that contradict previous resolutions:

  • Continue eating hot dogs
  • Grow a very thick beard
  • Continue compulsively checking email, xanga, and facebook.
  • Each year I have pledged to decrease the volume of pop consumed; this year I pledge to continue drinking pop.  Including, and especially Code Red Mountain Dew.