Sunday December 31, 2006

In what can best be described as a pathetic, nostalgia effort, I just read through most of my old xanga entries.  Observations and conclusions:

  • I have submitted at least 4 entries dedicated to the McRib sandwich.
  • I have changed and developed a lot and at the same time have remained the same.
  • I hope to host a narcissistic evening when I offer a guided and narrated tour of my xanga entries.  This will help me reflect and process, share the wisdom I have gleaned, but mostly, it will just make me very, very nostalgic.

Resolutions for the New Year forthcoming.  Please make suggestions now.

Tuesday December 12, 2006

Although there have been a lot of ‘lasts’ recently, I am doing by best to be content in this time of transition.  Moreover, I am making attempts to celebrate this time and drink deep each day.  To this end, I would like you to attend the following events.

  • Tomorrow night I will be participating in a student lead baccalaureate service.  Although the administration does not provide a religious service to mark this time, I feel it is important to do so.  The service will consist of songs, prayers, scripture, and I will be delivering a short homily reflecting on my time here at North Park.  7pm in H-23.
  • Thursday night I will be reading a paper that relates my Christian faith to my philosophy of mathematics.  Though is may be a rather esoteric topic, it is something I am very interested and excited about.  This will be a philosophy club event that will take place at 8pm in the library.  Come if you are able, it will not be as boring as you may expect an lecture on the philosophy of mathematics to be.
  • Friday night I graduate.

That is the agenda for my last days as a North Parkers.  Emotions are in constant flux, but I would be surprised if I make it through all three events without tears.

Friday December 8, 2006

Portfolio turned in yesterday; I am officially done with the Education program here at North Park.  Only one paper remains before graduation.

Yet I find myself struggling to continue writing this paper not because it is difficult or I am disinterested, rather, because this paper represents my last North Park assignment.  Psychologically, that is putting me in a strange position.  Maybe I should drink some coffee.

Thursday December 7, 2006

Thank you all for your prayers, affirmations, and patience, my Teach For America interview went quite well.  I don’t think I knocked it our of the park, but I don’t think I embarrassed myself either.  Regardless, I am content and glad it is over.

Graduation is looming large and my to-do list is continually shrinking.  Expect a more reflective and sentimental update in the near future.