Sunday November 19, 2006

This is the first in a series of nostalgic xanga posts that will precede and chronicle my feelings prior to graduation.  Be warned.

10.  Library

This location has been near and dear to my heart for 5 years now.  I have worked countless hours at the circulation desk with many beloved co-workers including Margrit Butkevich, John Lindahl, Ann Briody, and, currently, Samira.  Not only through employment, but I have also cultivated many relationships while studying in the library; close friends in the study rooms, St. Augustine on the first floor, and Kurt Godel on the second floor.

9.  IM sports

This is one of my favorite places and institutions at North Park despite having what I claim to be the worst intramural record.  With the exception of volleyball, I don’t think I have ever had an over 500 season and last year I was off to a 3-28 start.   However, I maintain that there is something fundamentally good about playing.

8.  Tre Kronor

The eatery across Foster claims a spot on this list for representing a sophistication that requires me to don a collared shirt.  Eating breakfast in the same room as professors, drinking deep the hearty coffee (with free refills), and enjoying desserts with friends and family has placed Tre Kronor on my list of beloved places.

7.  Lawn in front of 5 persons

This locale is relatively new, but also deeply cherished.  Memories of sitting outside under that beautiful maple tree, the sun washing over my face as a read a satisfying book, only to be distracted by a parade of friends and acquaintances has endeared me to the little patch of grass in front of the five persons.

6.  ARA in general

My love of ARA runs deep.  Every aspect of ARA intoxicates me with memories and emotions.  Recalling the awkwardness of freshman year and now longing to return, from the breakfast rituals of yesterday and the deep gorges of today, ARA is very close to my heart.

5.  On-campus apartments

This applies both to my own apartment but also to all others over the years.  I love how the shabby and mismatched furniture, the cramped nature of the 2 persons, and busy schedules never adversely affected the community and hospitality.

4.  The hump during picnics

I suppose in some ways this is a composite of ARA and the great outdoors, but North Park picnics have such a deeply festive atmosphere that I cannot help but add them to this list.  The beauty of a free gorge in the great outdoors surrounded by peers and professors is enthralling to me.

3.  Soccer Games

The have been a faithful attender of North Park soccer games for a few years now.  I remember fondly the games played on the park and the men selling ice cream.  I recall the tension and joy of traveling to wheaton and defeating our rivals.  I have seen legends come and go: Henrik, Austin, Jamie as well as Hawk and Cooper.  The general zeigeist of the stands midway through a large game stands apart in my mind as a cherished and inescapable North Park memory.

2.  ARA thanksgiving

What can I say about my favorite North Park holiday?  This is why I love North Park.

1.  Carter Family Fold

I have not spent more than 10 hours at the Carter Family Fold, but it is on the top of the list because I literally love every aspect of it.  After traveling down on Saturday with virtual strangers, working hard for a week, the pilgrimage to the Fold is the culmination of the trip.  After a week of exhausting labor, you suddenly find yourself dancing and jigging with 15 other North Parkers in the midst of generations of other dancers, great music, and the Appalachian mountians.  That is beautiful.

Wednesday November 8, 2006

My life in bullet points.

  • I have really enjoyed transporting myself lately.  You know, walking or biking.  Today for example, I spent a fair amount of time biking and walking and it was great.
  • One should think twice about sending off hasty emails to the dean and president of the school.
  • With my new biking get-up, I could easily move to Wicker Park.
  • I am starting to get into the flow of teaching.  However, I will be done by Thanksgiving and for that I am grateful.
  • I does not matter to me that I am not particularly good at sports; I just want to play.
  • Sleep is important, but quite possibly over-rated.


Sunday November 5, 2006

Even though I am tired of writing lesson plans, I have officially applied for Teach For America.  I’ll keep you posted with how that progresses.

Lately life has been surreal in a lot of ways; in strange ways like my life is lacking a meta-narrative.  For some reason, the idea of tackling a huge problem and working slowly on that is very appealing to me, but I find my life too fragmented to make a whole attack at anything.

On the other hand, my new bag is exactly what I wanted and has been generally well recieved by my peers.

EDIT: does anyone want to play in the Helwig center tonight at 8:30?  my resolve to play has been ebbing.

A. Meyer