Tuesday October 31, 2006

these lesson plans are killing me.  i don’t feel very inspired to write them…

i was quite disappointed by the fans at the soccer game.  last year all the fans proudly cheered their vikings, even in defeat.  this year, the fans slowly and silently filed out.  what gives?

i could really go for some mountian mist or moon maze.


Sunday October 29, 2006

my life would be appreciably better if i spent one hour everyday just playing.  the past two days have have large time filled with running around after a ball.  if you want to play in the next week, please let me know and i will schedule time for fun.

it is about that time of the year when i start wearing my booties.  be prepared.

i am nearly complete with my teach for america application.  it is just 7 weeks before north park will spew me out into the real world and i am already getting a bit emotional.  life is tricky like that…

Sunday October 15, 2006

Dear freshman,

Start journaling now.  In a few years you will look back on life and become painfully nostaglic for what your life is like right now.  I don’t care if you think it is awkward not knowing people or impossible to write a five page paper.  I don’t mind if you hate ARA and love Belmont.  Journal.  Record your thoughts and feelings.  Life changes very quickly.  That is not to say that it gets worse, I think, in fact, it gets better.  But embrace your first year.  Embrace Louie and Ariel.  Embrace your roommate.  Embrace today.  Then write it down.

A fifth year senior.

Sunday October 1, 2006

lately my life has been filled with student teaching, geek week related planning and logistics, last minute paper writing, lesson planning, piles of laundry, library sitting, and mountian frost drinking.

i’m getting pretty tired.

i have also come to appreciate commuting by bicycle, the handiness of sharpies, the value of a good night sleep, the effectiveness of jokes and mnemonic devices, the pleasure and luxury of clean clothes, and the joys and struggles of drinking too much mountian frost.