Tuesday August 29, 2006

back on campus.  back working in the library.

my life is full of leisure for a while.  i am enrolled in three classes and i start student teaching next Tuesday.

the apartment is really coming together and though i have not settled all my personal belongings into place; the apartment is really taking shape.  i am looking forward to the routine of the semester and the reunion of old friends.

this entry lacks all purpose and meaning.

there are a lot of new faces on campus: freshman and transfers i suppose.  and though i am still deeply nostaglic about my freshman year experience, i am quite content being five years removed.  this contentment is rather new and exciting and i am enjoying it.

do freshmen even know what xanga is?

it is getting late and this is getting lame.  peace.

Friday August 25, 2006


Today was my last day at the old hospital and I have really been suprised how I felt when I left.  My co-workers became very dear to me in my short time there and I am very thankful for that experience.  They were very gracious and kind people and did their work well and joyfully.

If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven played music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.
Martin Luther King Jr.

I am just now beginning to realise how incredible Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was.  His speeches are incredible and the way in which he appealed to both secular and religious authorities is inspiring.  Very interesting.

Interesting side note about my locker buddy: Raul.  I was told that he was not thrilled about sharing a locker and one of my early attempts at small talk was meet with silence.  Also, I used the whole shelf and only permitted me use of one of the five hooks.  I accepted this cold relationship and continued for the next two months in silence.  Today, as I changed out of my scrubs for the last time, I told him it was my last day and that he would have the whole locker to himself.  We then had a substantial and pleasant conversation that ended with him saying essentially “you didn’t talk much, I didn’t think you were friendly”.  Opps.  My bad I suppose, but it is another lesson learned.

I am now, like most other North Parkers, starting to pack and begin the transition to school.  I won’t be there until Sunday, but I am excited to see all of you.


Tuesday August 22, 2006

a few entries ago i pondered if xanga was in terminal decay.  that question remains, but right now i am contemplating the new union between xanga and the facebook.  is this marriage a good institution?  or is making life too connected?  should i participate and combine my two internet loves (xanga and facebook) into one polygamous, though convenient, union?  am i too old for xanga?  so many questions to ponder.

on an unrelated note: yesterday i ordered my first beer: a guinness.  i drank roughly a third of it and didn’t enjoy it.  i don’t think i’m in danger of becoming an alcoholic.

on another unrelated note: i have three days left at the hospital, roughly five days left at home and i’ll be in chicago by sunday.  and thanks to my brother’s scheming ways, i am now the owner of an ipod shuffle.  i just loaded it with all the johnny cash and stevie wonder i own and now plan to go out and relax in the ol’ hammock.  jealous?

Sunday August 20, 2006

I was going to do a recap of my summer goals, but I realised that many of my goals are still unachieved and I only have a week of summer left.  So I’ve decided not to publish my summer failures in great detail.  And despite not obtaining all my goals, this summer has turned out to be quite good.  Certainly an unexpected blessing in a lot of ways.

As I have mentioned to some of you, I deeply and truly enjoyed my job as a janitor at the hospital.  It taught me a lot about integrity, hard-work, humility, how people judge and are judged, the power and worth of being consistent in small things, joy, grace, and love.  Strange, but very true.  And although I don’t think I would want this job as my full time vocation, I am considering applying at hospitals around Chicago to keep working to keep hospitals clean.

Living at home has also been quite good.  I have learned a lot about my parents and my larger family.  Both in ways I am the same and in ways I am different, I can see how my views and attitudes were shaped by my upbringing.  Reconnecting with my church has also offered me certain moments of joy and I have enjoyed the process, albeit awkward and uncomfortable at times.

In short, and this may sound cheesy, but I feel as though I have experience a lot this summer and I have simply learned a lot about life.  I have heard newborns crying shortly after birth and have attended a funeral.  I have celebrated weddings of close friends and also witness families and parents dealing with sickness and death.  It is hard to neatly summarize my experience or clearly articulate how my attitude has changed, but I think that in many ways, and despite the lack of a clear ‘outcome’ this has been a good, worthwhile, and blessed summer.

Monday August 7, 2006

firstly, i think that my xanga site and xanga in general is in a decline.  will it be terminal?  time will tell.

secondly: last night i was tempted by the late night hours of wendy’s and decided to drive through for a quick frosty.  [sidenote: there are now vanilla frosties.  what gives?].  upon pulling up to the window, i am again tempted, this time by the jr. bacon cheeseburger on the value menu.  being weak willed, i give in and order both a frosty and a jr. bacon cheeseburger.

i drive home; i cannot eat a frosty in the car without the aid of my brother who was MIA and at PLCBC.  upon arriving home, i realise they placed a large fries at the bottom of my bag.  one that i did not pay for.  i was home and did not feel like leaving again.  however, as i was eating them, i started feeling a little strange.  not from the grease-fried, salt-coated, potato, but rather from my conscious.

the next morning i return to wendys with two dollars in my hand to attempt to right my wrongs and pay for the stolen fries.  but the worker just laughed at me.  she told me not to be crazy and that she hoped i enjoyed the fries.

don’t we tell a story about honest abe lincoln walking miles to return someone’s change?  did times change?  is this a product of fast-food and drive-thru culture?  was i obsessing over a small fry?

and to clarify: i don’t think this exemplifies my morality.  this thing has happened before and in the past i have done nothing but enjoy the ill-gotten food with no thought of repaying the gift.  rest assured, i am still quite immoral.  remember that i was buying a hamburger and a frosty at around midnight with no sign of physical hunger or need.

oh dave thomas, how you tempt and try me!