Wednesday June 28, 2006

an update: (in a questions and answers format)

q: so andy, how has life been?
a: fine.

q:  tell me about it; what have you been up to?
a:  well, my life has been pretty exciting lately.  i went to chicago and i got a job.

q: whoa!  where did you get a job?
a: i am working at the hospital as an environmental service technican.  which means i am a janitor.

q: that sounds like fun!  what were you doing in chicago?
a: i went down there to take some test (which turned out to be an adventure) but i made it more enjoyable by seeing some friends.

q:  it was an adventure?  what do you mean?
a:  it was annoying getting to mccormick place early saturday.  we got slightly delayed and slightly lost.  we took the wrong exit, parked in the wrong lot.  we started wandering, asking ourselves how big could mccormick place be.

q: how big is mccormick place?
a:  in reality, it is quite large.  but everything worked out in the end.

q: what else did you do?
a:  stayed with my brother for two nights, and at the murakami residence for two nights, spent time enjoying chicago culture with ben richmond, consumed four more meatloaf sandwiches, talked with friends.  all in all a full weekend in many regards. i missed some people in the process, and for that i am sorry.

q:  four more meatloaf sandwiches?  you must really love momma murakami’s meatloaf.  how many is that since school?
a:  i do love that meatloaf, and that brings my total murkami meatloaf meter to nine.

q:  wow.  anything else you want to say?
a:  umm. not really.  i welcome peter strom back to the us of a.  i may be regretting the amount of coffee i consumed this evening.  i am sorry if i am neglecting a correspondence.  i just started listening to mozart.  i think i am going now.


Friday June 23, 2006

yet another reason i love amtrak: today, an old man with a beard looked at me and said “hey kid, nice beard”.  this is then first time a stranger has complimented the ol’ beard and it made me might proud.

in other news, after a deep gorge on sushi and Chinese food, i am safely in Chicago.  if i know you, i want to see you.  let me know and we can hang out; i have got nothing but time.


Wednesday June 21, 2006

I just had a surprising enjoyable evening of popcorn, lemonade, 2 seinfeld re-runs, the daily show, and the crossword/sudoku from the GR press.

also, due to a gardening mishap, I am expecting one of my broccoli plants to flower tomorrow.  the warm weather was tough on them.

I suppose that is what a summer of being unemployed does. at least I am honing some of domestic skills.

peace and joy, xanga world.

Friday June 16, 2006

the level wit in this entry may not live up to the expectations you may have for a blog entitled: wittyusername1.

what has been going on in my life?  well, not much.  i will try and chronicle what i have done in poetic form.

I went up north this past domingo
(that means sunday, if you are a gringo)
we talked, we spalshed, we played,
read some while laying in the shade.

a few days later down i rode
in a return to my abode.
i greeted my parents with a hug and a kiss
certainly i was experiencing michigan bliss

i woke up quite early in the a.m.
a rude interuption to my rem.
this was not the end of the world as we know it,
i actually felt fine, i must admit.

that morning i helped my aunt clean
and for the morning i was a cleaning machine
later that day, i obtained a new bike
in an effort to avoid the oil company riech.

my new bike: freedom on two wheels
and in line with my college ideals,
henceforth i will avoid the gas station,
is impotence caused by such transportation?

plans for the future are tentative and loose.
tomorrow jam is what my mom and i will produce.
late next week i hope to spend a few days in the windy city.
hopefully this poem didn’t dissappoint, i turned out quite witty!

Thursday June 8, 2006

I completely lose control of myself when I enter a library.  I roam around, reading this a that, looking for a book I wanted to read 3 years ago or heard about on npr a few days ago.  I check out more books even though I have stacks of books waiting to be read at home.  I check out books even though I have dedicated more time to ‘iron chef’ than to reading this summer.

On the other hand, I ran a lot of errands this afternoon.  I purchased stamps (for some reason, I love post offices).  I found out I do not have TB.  I did some banking.  I went to two different libraries.  I considered buying a cup of coffee, but opted against it.  All in all a full afternoon.

Thursday June 8, 2006

Musical Journey


Baroque Period



Conceri Grosso


J.S. Bach

Mass in B minor

St. Matthew’s Passion

Christmas Oratorio

Cello Suites

The Art of the Fugue

Brandenburg Concertos




Water Music



4 Seasons



Cecilian Vespers



Dido Aeneas


Classical Period


C.P.E. Bach




Symphony 41 (Jupiter)




All 9 Symphonies

Monday June 5, 2006


i have been doing a lot of xanga wandering lately.  you know clicking on peoples comments and exploring ‘north park, schmorth park’.  it is both very interesting and very pathetic.

i am moving closer to employment everyday and pending an interview, i think i will be the newest janitor at the hospital.  should be interesting.

important news: i will be in chicago tomorrow from 6ish until wednesday at noon.  megan vanessendelft is coming down for a job interview and i am tagging along and picking up my brother jim.  if you want to see me, i want to see you.  and by that, i mean i think i am going to eat at los mogotes.  spread the word.

that is about all.  hope life is fabulous.  peace.

Friday June 2, 2006

prepare for a bad xanga entry.

firstly, my cell phone charger has been found.  feel free to ‘give my cell a ring’ as they say.

secondly, i am still without a job.  i have had this conversation one hundred times in the past 3 days.

worker:  i’m sorry, we are not hiring, but you can fill out an application.
<translation> we don’t want you to work here, but you can waste some time.
me:  thank you.
<translation> i hate you, but i am getting desperate.

i played golf today and got my first official birdie.  look out tiger woods.

made stir fry yesterday.  look out iron chef sakai.

i am currently struggling through “By One Spirit”, a history of the Covenant Church.  i don’t know why, but i find it hard to read.  ah well.

i hope everyone out there is having a fabulous day.  goodnight and sweet dreams.