Thursday March 30, 2006

summary of my life:

today i had a 2 hour conversation with dr. iverson and left feeling very emotional.  still processing.

i ate a reuben sandwich today.  i also ate one yesterday.  i also ate one sunday.  i also ate one on thursday.  that is a lot of reubens.  (how do you spell that sandwich?)

mini-teaching is interesting.  it is true that nothing teaches like experience.

wednesdays from 6:30-9:50 is the worst period of time the whole week.  Methods in teaching mathematics in grades 5-9 please be over!

i have decided to wear nice clothes everyday.  so there.

that is about all.  i have got to start a reflection paper that is due tomorrow, so i have a fun night/morning ahead of me.

i still have no idea what this summer holds for me.  a remote possibility is that i will be working in appalachia essentially coordinating mission trips.  appalachia for 3 months?  whoa!

i hope that everyone is well and that life is grand for everyone.  peace.


Thursday March 23, 2006

i am back from appalachia.

as usual, it was a fantastic week, one that i still processing.  i am struggling to get back into the swing of things here at north park.  though i don’t watch romantic comedies, i think that the emotions i am experiencing could be compared to when a couple is together and things are wonderful (though hard) and then they separate and in the middle of the day they find that all they can think about is each other.  all my collegiate tasks seem shallow and unimportant and i often find myself dreaming of the work, the team, the people, the mountains.  i miss the prayer before meals, the simplicity of life, the inter-generational relationships, the realness of it all.

but i fear i am getting too sentimental.  and sappy.

one aspect of the trip i have taken back to school is the sleep schedule.  my ideal bedtime is now 11pm and my alarm is set for 7.  i think that is this is good for me, though these late nights in the library are killing me.

mini-teaching has begun and i am soon to be teaching 6th graders about fractions, measurement, and ratios.  i am growing up.

my favorite IM season is upon us: volleyball.  Angie’s subs is being reincarnated in the hopes of defeated tim murakami’s team as well as improving my year-long IM record (3-16).

i don’t know what i am going to do this summer.  suggestions are welcome.

Aquinas may well kill me.

i haven’t cooked a meal for myself since appalachia.  i’m not complaining.  soon and very soon i will be creating sandwiches.

that is about all.  my xanga has been suffering lately; i’ll try and improve.

Tuesday March 7, 2006

we have found a trip advisor.

prayer requests: stop now.
prayers of thanks: start now.

aside from a large midterm and a million other details, I am so ready to be in Appalachia.

My IM soccer team won both games on Sunday, improving our overall record to 2-8 and my year long IM record to something like 3-17.  not too shabby.

i hardly ever eat at my apartment.

that is all.  i have really not been bringing my ‘A-game’ to xanga.  Ah well.

Wednesday March 1, 2006


nothing exciting to report.  i have got a fair amount of things to do before appalachia, but it should be great.

on a related note: we are becoming desperate for a trip advisor.  if you have any leads, let me know.  pray is encouraged.  we have, however, asked cal katter, and that could potentially been the best thing ever to happen.

i have a list of “10 things i want to do to become more manly but will not be able to learn at north park” but i don’t want them to be thought of as associated with Lent, so i’ll save them.

starting the monday after spring break, i will be teaching 6th graders math every day.  and that is insane.

i suppose that is my life.

by the way, popsicles are my new favorite food.