Saturday February 25, 2006

Do you know about the racial inequalities in Special Education?

It is astounding.

Click here to learn more
Come to ARA this Tuesday (the 28th) to learn more, eat a free meal, and hear the new all-star* education professor, Dr. Wanda Ward, speak about this topic.

That is about all.  A shameless plug for a&e.

Enjoy the day, it is a beautiful one.  Maybe I’ll enjoy it with a long walk.


*She and Nancy are the only education professor I enjoy and respect.

Friday February 17, 2006

my xanga entries have become far too infrequent.  the remedy:

(nevermind i used the same picture last year)

i am getting excited about appalachia.

i also get somewhat excited about the man next to einstein.

that is kurt gödel and he is quite the mathematical baller.

i’ve become a little obessed with                 and am still obessed with



Thursday February 2, 2006

firstly: happy ground hog day.

there have been a lot of fiascos in the past few days; let them stop now.

last night, i was reflecting on how i think i have wasted the majority of my college days. this best manifests itself in the fear that i will have no stories to tell my grandchildren about my ‘crazy college days’.  yet this problem seems to solve itself; for the reason i have no stories from my college years is that i have not embraced life to the fullest and have not experienced the world.  hence i have not dated.  hence i will not marry.  hence i will not procreate.  hence no grandchildren.  therefore, i have no need for stories.

i then realised that an aspect of my experience at north park i am quiteproud of is my knowledge of hot dog restaurants on the northside of the city.  yet this problem also solves itself, for in the process of creating this knowledge, i have raised my blood pressure and cholesterol to terminally unhealthy levels.  hence no grandchildren; or, at the very least, none before my tired tired heart gives out.

there is a chance that my summer habit of biking had a redemptive effect, but culinary situations like the bacon grease incident beg to differ.