Thursday December 29, 2005

though this may make me unpopular, i feel i must write

Things I did not like about The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie
(so if you have not seen the movie, you may want to stop reading)

  • my favorite quote in the movie “course he isn’t safe, but he’s good.  he’s the king you know” was reworked in what i consider to be a stupid way at the end.
  • all the extra scenes that were added (breaking the window during the cricket game, the river crossing scene,…) to make the movie more exciting.
  • the fact that the beavers did not get Christmas presents.  In the book, they get a new sewing machine and the holes in their dam are fixed.
  • No resurrection romp!  By far my favorite part of the book is when the newly revived Aslan takes the girls on a romp around Narnia, and this was not in the movie. 

I guess I thought the movie was okay, but I did leaving feeling a little disappointed…

Sunday December 25, 2005

well well well.  merry christmas everyone.

the season of the incarnation has come and past; let us live with the hope the season brings.

my celebrations were chill.  any weekend with 3 church services, way too much kielbasa and rye bread, sharing a bed with jim, and long naps is okay with me.

peter strom, i long to see your moustache.

today, when renting the third season of 24, jim asked who my greatest spy inspiration was.  i immediately though of jack bauer, but reconsidered; my greatest inspiration was and is inspector gadget.  which reminded me of something: namely how i always thought penny was really hot…but i guess that is a little creepy now…dang.

ps: i am now steeped in covenant history and heritage.  it’s a wonderful thing.

Tuesday December 20, 2005

tomorrow will be my 1000th day with xanga; i don’t know how i feel about that.

hawk, your grandfather wrote one heck of a good book.

“our problem is to find a way to be at the same time God’s people and real people  I associate realness with wholeness, even if this wholeness is marred by warts, even if, as a consequence of my wholeness, I am forced to confess to you that I am less than I ought to be.  Therefore, I have to ask you by my very presence to understand that and to accept–in fact, to demand that you accept it as a price of our fellowship as real men and women”

Saturday December 17, 2005

another semester come and gone.

i have come to realise that i am painfully nostaglic.  painfully.  i dread leaving north park and can’t imagine what all the recent grads are feeling as they pack up for the last time.

i finished my classes and am glad to be done with some of them.  i am looking forward to a rather bizarre semester this spring.  but i am looking forward to it.

that’s all.  peace.