Monday November 28, 2005

This entry is dedicated to Jenny Williams.


the other night i was finishing a massive dinner at Garcias and thought ‘wow, jenny would be so proud of me’.
then i thought how disgusted she would be if she went out with someone and they did not clean their plate.
and now i am formulating a list describing the perfect man for jenny williams (besides this).

  1. ability to play volleyball.
  2. deep love of everything on the taco bell menu.
  3. ability to eat everything on the taco bell menu.
  4. ability to eat everything on the taco bell menu in one sitting without excessive over-eating sweats.
  5. a soft spot in his heart for covenant point.
  6. no desire to leave chicago.
  7. must be able to forecast the weather.
  8. deep knowledge of felicity.
  9. love of books aimed at young children.
  10. read the entire donald miller corpus.

if you have any additional requirements, please let me know and they can be added to the list.

if you would like to apply, please email or which a short essay as well as a recent headshot and we will begin processing your application.

that is all.

Thursday November 17, 2005

i have really been living the dream when it comes to eating.  let me ruminate on the last 48 hours of eating.  in the form [meal: what (why)]

yesterday breakfast: free ARA (ariel is a dear)
yesterday lunch: free ARA (chapel chat)
yesterday dinner: free ARA (ARC/a&e)
yesterday after dinner coffee: covenant history lecture fellowship (SSA)
yesterday late night pizza: umin 1-on-1 program (umin)
yesterdat cake and ice cream: girl’s apt (laura’s birthday)

lunch today: free pizza (dad was in town)

ARA thanksgiving dinner is by far my favorite north park holiday.  simply incredible.  i had a deep gorge.

tomorrow all 3 of my classes were cancelled so that means i am leading the crazy life tonight.  or not.

thats all i’ve got.  sorry this update is so lame.

Tuesday November 15, 2005

Covenant History Lecture
Seminary Chapel
Free coffee and treats.

It is going to be great.  Please come.  And bring a friend.  Peter Strom would be proud of you if you attended.

Come and learn more about Covenant heritage and North Park identity so that we can move past ignorance and caricatures of what it means to Covenant and begin to understand our communal identity.

Friday November 4, 2005

long time no update.
major changes since my 21st birthday:

i am now a classy dresser.
my teeth are flossed daily.
my posture is slowly improving.
i eat only sandwiches.

i had a culinary revolution the other day, and after a week of experimenting and trying things out, i am ready to confess and commit in the xanga world.

i love sandwiches.

they are so quick, so easy to make, so easy to clean up after, so cheap and so delicious.  all in all the perfect food.

being a math major, i wanted to determine how many different sandwich combinations i can make with the ingredients i have.

bread choices

meat choices
corned beef
roast beef
fried egg

cheese choices

vegetable choices

fancy mustard
ranch dressing
thousand island dressing

cooking method

thinking deeply, i realise that most of this list can be combined into a broad category called ‘things in a sandwich’  this includes everything but the bread and the cooking method.  (i exclude these because i could not use white and rye bread on the same sandwich.  likewise, i could not toast a sandwich and have it remain cold.)

the number of different combinations i can make from 16 ingredients is something like 65,536.

times the number of bread options [5]


times the number of cooking options [3]


that’s a lot of sandwiches

that is almost a million different sandwiches i can make from the ingredients that are sitting in my kitchen.  granted, some of those combinations would include just ranch dressing on rye toasted or sauerkraut and mustard on a roll, but most combinations would be much higher on the delicious scale.

and if order matters (if ‘ham and turkey on rye’ was different from ‘turkey and ham on rye’) i think i could make 313,841,848,320,000 different sandwiches.

that’s a whole lot of sandwiches.

i would like to dedicate this entry to ben richmond, the fabulous fall weather, and dr. alice iverson.