Tuesday October 25, 2005

the celebration of my birthday was amazing, but like all things, there were some low points.
I begin with them:

  • That I completely dropped the ball on mailing a package to sweden for a friend who recently celebrated a birthday.  hopefully it will be in the mail shortly.
  • That I coerced two vegetarians to comprise their morals and eat some hot dogs.
  • That the weather really did not cooperate.  I love clear and crisp autumn days, and this was most assuredly cold and rainy.

Reasons this was the best birthday ever:

  • time at home with the family.
  • making applesauce.
  • being the proud owner of this shirt with this logo:
  • having my first surprise party.
  • eating my 200th hot dogs with an apartment full of friends.
  • the party food consisted of code red, biscuits, hot dogs, and an amazing cake created by grace butkevich.  pictures of the cake:

  • intentionally sleeping through my 8am because that is not how I wanted to start my adult life.
  • getting to attend the faculty meeting.  always awesome.
  • enjoying a burrito at garcias.
  • many wonderful and meaningful cards.

That is about it.  It really was a tremendously good celebration.  I’m sure that my transition to adulthood will be awkward and uncomfortable and, like always, I will have a hard time adjusting.  But I really could not have asked for a better start.

Thank you all.

Wednesday October 19, 2005

i have been experiencing a lot of flow recently.  it has been nice.

i have really been neglecting my sleep.  much more than normal.  but i am still getting by.

a revelation:

i am literally afraid of eating alone.  i hate it.  i avoid it at all costs.
i have no trouble eating breakfast alone in ara.

this seems strange to me.

introduction to geometry is over; let the party begin!

i successfully read the following book in 1 day.  during midterms week.

is it time for a xanga poem yet?

Sunday October 9, 2005

I have neglected this for far too long, so here comes another update.

I am taking a break from writing a monstrous paper on Athanasius.  Specifically his understanding of Christ.  It’s really beautiful.  And I’m nearing completion, which is also really beautiful.

I long to be a freshman again.  To relive all the awkwardness.  I overhear there conversations in ARA and in the stairwells in Carlson and get painfully nostalgic and sentimental.  Snippets of conversations like

–  “you want to go Belmont Friday night?”
+  “oh yeah!  I really shouldn’t though, I have a ton of homework”
–  “what do you have to do?”
+  “write a 2 page reflection paper for dialogue.”
–  “I think dialogue is whack.”
+  “Me too!  lets date!”

make me think these thoughts and feel these feelings

  • Outrage.  you do not have a ton of homework.
  • Distance.  I am old.  I want to be in bed by midnight.  I don’t remember the last time I was at Belmont…
  • Nostalgic.  I miss those days; Everything was so open and carefree…

That is about all.  Geek Week is fast approaching.  Come out and join us for our events.

Thursday October 6, 2005

long time no entry.

geek week is fast approaching.  check it out.

my paper on athanasius is creeping towards completion.  very slowly.  i plan on doing it all this weekend.  wish me luck and pray for me.

student teaching is decent.  i feel very middle aged.

megan vanessendelft is back on this side of the atlantic.  just like old times.

congrats go out to the mens soccer.  and to all the north parkers who turned out.

hot dog count: 197.

i’m about to go to mcdonalds for the second time today.  yummy.

i am living the dream.  this is the ideal life.

i’m not kidding.

this entry, however, is not ideal.