Tuesday September 13, 2005

Letters I have been meaning to write:

Dear People that walk into the library without even looking at me,
Screw you.

Dear Orange Jarritos,
I love you.

Dear Farmers market,
Why only once a week?

Dear bike,
We should hang out more.

Dear Dr. Iverson,
I need help.  And I love you.

Dear Mrs. Robinson,
Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio?

Dear Chad Henne,
A fumble on the half yard line?!?  Come on!

Dear Senator Levin,
Whats the deal with the Darfur?  Does writing letters even work?

Dear Mari Andrew,
How is Italy?

Dear Mavis Staples,
Friday Night was cool; we should do it again sometime.

Dear bread I got at the farmers market.
You were good.

Dear weather,
Could you please cool down?

Dear Mom and Dad,
How are things in GR?

Dear A+E,
I am rocking you this year.

Dear library shift,
Please be over soon.

That about takes care of it.  It feels good to write letters sometimes.  Man, oh man.
Please feel free to respond to the letter of your choice.

Sunday September 11, 2005

While you are in Sweden
(a poem)


From the moment you went away

Up until this very day

There has been a hole in my life

While you are in Sweden

Practicing with your surgical knife


I have started teasing Jenny more

She has no defender, anymore

No one to stop my taunts and teases

While you are in Sweden

Trying to cure people’s diseases


I can’t use your computer anymore,

Things are different than before

My life has more simplicity

While you are in Sweden,

Dreaming of felicity


Pass on my greetings to Peter,

And hey, if you see him, Derek Jetter

And give a big hug to Al

While you are in Sweden

Helping babies from birth canals


Scott I do not wish to offend,

With this poetic ode penned.

So I hope he understands

While you are in Sweden,

Looking at very old glands


A short haircut I now got,

And all the ladies think it’s hot

Though I remain pretty quirky

While you are in Sweden;

I am waiting for turkey

Friday September 9, 2005

holler holler holler.

here i am, back in NP.

livin’ it up in the aparment.
studyin’ it up in the classes.
partyin’ it up with my peeps.

[and not using the 7th letter of the alphabet.]

this year i have decided to become healthy.  to do this, murakami and i go for a run MWF before classes.  no effect has been felt, but i’ll keep you posted.  also, feel free to join us on our leisurely 2 mile run.  we leave at 6:30.

culinary challenges also challenge my commitment to good health.  the other day for example.  i was cooking bacon (off to a good start) when i realise that i have a pan full of hot grease that needs attending.  we have no jar or container to pout it into.  i consider the trash, but realise that would be a bad idea.  i then briefly consider the drain, but also veto that.
so what am i to do?  this grease is not fit for the trash and not fit for the garbage disposal?  in this moment of distress when the half inch or so of grease is beginning to burn, i realise that a delicious solution is readily available.  and i reach for the eggs.  that’s right.  i fry two eggs in enough bacon grease kill dick cheney.  and then i ingest them.

not fit for the drain?  not fit to be thrown away?  that’s okay, i’ll eat it!

i guess you could say i lead a pretty perilous life.

ps: i have a lot of work to do.