Monday August 15, 2005

xanga confessional:

i have a confession to make.  i still really like mid 90’s christian ska.  i would love to deny this and say my musical tastes have evolved into something more sophisiticated, but i cannot deny my true self.  the other day while driving to chicago with my brother, i put in an insyderz cd.  instantly, i was transported back to another time and place.  no longer was i college senior driving to chicago.  i was taken back to a more carefree time of high school angst and typical and tame rebellion. (how rebellious can you be when you listen to christian punk music?)

this is not a single guilty pleasure, rather a trend.  for it is not just the insyderz i still like, but bands like the supertones, mxpx, early five iron frenzy, philmore, ace troubleshooter and many others are still in regular rotation on the andy meyer radio station.  here are some pictures of my youth and my cd collection.


that’s right.  i’m not ashamed.  i won’t be forced to hide in the corners when i want to enjoy the most forgotten music genre, christian ska.  the beat of christian ska still beats, it beats within my heart.

i think that is my entire confessional regarding music that is ‘not acceptable’ but societal standards.

wait, the other day MMMBOP came on the radio and i didn’t change the channel.  i started singing along…

Saturday August 6, 2005

expect this to be a great entry.
[this entry is dedicated to amy williams]

this summer has been the summer of revolutionary shower ideas.  not only am i eating and drinking in the shower, but a small part of my shower hermeneutic has changed.  in previous years, i dreaded the start of the shower.  for no matter how much you warmed the water, you still had to endure the second long assualt of cold water on your naked body before the warm water reached the shower head.  i used to dread this experience.  i would go to great lenghts to avoid it.  i would try and controt my body to save myself from this abuse.

but this all changed.

now, i bravely stand there waiting; i take the shock of the frigid stream, i endure the pain of the glacial water knowing the warmer water is ahead.

let me use this to illustrate something of greater importance.  in this situation, expectations dedicate reality.  i expect something to be unpleasant, and i avoid it.  i expect something to be a temporary shock followed by something better, and i can endure bravely.

in regard to this coming year: i expect it to be the best year of my life.  socially, academically, geographically, things are looking great.  if expectations affect reality at all, i know this year will be good.

or do you think i am being ridiculous?  should i keep my feet on the ground and not get my hopes up?  to some large extent, things are what they are regardless of you expectations.  ahh well.

i am heading home to GR today.  it should be relaxing.  but there is a remote chance i may return next weekend for a good bye and a reunion.  it’s all up in the air.

was this a good entry?  did you expect to be?

[sidenote: this is not meant to be a pretentious philosophical entry.  just a hilarious retelling of events.  if i added some proof texts, it could even be a sermon at north park cov.  oh snap!]

[post scrpit: i am back in Grand Rapids]

Monday August 1, 2005

update.  long.  random.

thanks for all those who commented on the last post.  since then, i have shopped at: trader joe’s, andy’s fruit ranch, a farmers market, and jewel.  while i do not consider this matter resolved, i find my current shopping patterns to be acceptable.

this weekend i had a talk with nick bruckner about how liberal i am becoming.  nick protested to my use of the word liberal.  the things i am doing (riding my bike, recycling, buying organic, public debates) don’t really have any political assocations, but all seem to fall under the ‘liberal’ column.  so we started thinking: do all things fall on one side of the political spectrum?
please tell me whether you think the following things are ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’: hot dogs, suv’s, mopeds, the color orange, semicolons, and libraries.  if you feel like it.

after 36 days, about 600 miles of bike riding, i can say that i have 4 days left of my summer job.  the light at the end of the tunnel is growing.  i can’t say i’ve enjoyed every minute, but it has been an experience.

i am also looking forward to heading back to grand rapids and hanging out with he family.  i have no plans for the weeks between skokie and threshold, so give me a call.  i think i might try to build a bookcase.

right now i would like to give a shout-out to:
megan gilmore- for iniviting me to a party/going to alaska.
margrit butkevich: for passing the test/becoming a RN.

this past friday, i participated in one of the most amazing things i have ever done with two wheels: namely, critical mass.  after a long ride in from skokie, i met up with hundred of other bikers and we rode the streets of chicago like we owned the place.  i cannot recommend this enough to all those in chicago with a bike, a helmet (doing my mom proud), and a little adventure.  a-mazing.

well, i should be wrapping up this xanga entry.  my newest obession (seinfeld) is about to come on.  i think it is unbelievable that i did not like seinfeld for so long.  what was i thinking?!?

have i overused colons or what?  the answer: yes.

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