Tuesday July 19, 2005

as always, i am having a crisis.

a supermarket crisis.
the question:
where should i shop?

this may seem like a trivial question, but it one that has taken on great importance too me.  (mostly because i’ve had to do it a lot more in the past 2 months than ever before.)  the question that has been plaguing me for the past few months i now pose to you: the xanga community.

(please vote for the option you find most in line with my character, personality, religious belief, clothing style, etc.)



pros: close, easy, good selection, decent produce, cheap.
cons: big business, wendell berry would not approve, not very exciting.


pros: extremely cheap.
cons: not a huge selection, certainly not organic.

Local Ethnic Market

pros:  local business, interesting selection, makes me feel cultural.
cons:  interesting selection, language barrier,

Whole Foods

pros:  wendell berry would approve (organic, quasi-locally grown)
cons:  expensive, i’m not a yuppie or a hippie (hopefully), long ways away, yet another big business.

Trader Joes

pros: unique, neither cheap nor expensive, interesting selection, i hear dr. rabe shops here.
cons: not a hippie or a yuppie, long ways away, too much fancy food.

Farmers Markets

pros: just plain good.  my mother would like it.
cons: expensive, hit and miss times and locations.

that is all i have to give to the xanga world now.  help me in my grocery dilemia.

Sunday July 17, 2005

Christopher Walken is frickin’ hilarious.  Man oh man.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of riding my bike.  I ride a fair amount everyday and still love it.

I ate at 2 hot dogs at Hot Doug’s today.  That brings the count up to 169.  Giddy up!

I been acting like a hippie liberal lately.  I rode my bike to the library today, down Halsted, and on the way back I bought some produce at Whole Foods.  I feel like I should join PETA or something.

Here’s a quote from the book I got from the library.

The Christian family through the centuries and across cultures provides rich resources for your journey through life.  There are heroes and saints whose lives inspire.  As well, many rich resources come via the embarrasments and tragedies we Christians have experienced and perpetrated through the years.  You can learn a lot from others’ mistakes if you don’t distance yourself from them too quickly.  Whether through heroes or catastrophes, you’ll find much you need.

I would say that is the problem with average church: we have distanced ourselves from Church History and as a result we are missing a lot of lessons.

It has been an interesting book thus far.  I find it to be a good and entertaining read.  More forthcoming.

That is about all.  I’m still trying to get back in the xanga zone.

Monday July 11, 2005

there has been far too long between updates.  my apologies.

i don’t feel like this is a very good update, but i need to get started.

recently, life has been pretty average. 

i think i am going to try to get more healthy.  exercise more.  eat more vegetables.  more fruits.  less hot dogs?  i’m reinventing myself, just like madonna.

the hot dog count has improved to 165.
last weekend, i thought that i could eat a dozen chilli dogs in one sitting.  if i accomplished this feat, my name would be inscribed on the wall. 

i, however, could not do it.

only 8.5

but that is done and over and i like to think that i have moved on with my life. 

my family came down yesterday.  we ate mexican food together.  it was good.

on a deeper, more spiriual level, i need to learn to be more content with life.

harmonica is going relatively well.

filling the ‘currently listening/reading/watching’ segment was difficult.
i could have put “sex, freedom, economy, and community” or “what are people for?” both by wendell berry; which i just finished.  or “the gospel according to america” by davd dark; a book i just at the library.
or i could have lied and said i was watching a seinfeld dvd; i am just watching a lot of seinfeld on fox.
but i chose this.