Thursday June 23, 2005

a week in review.
and i don’t know where to begin…

to some degree, i enjoy my work in skokie.  i work with a camper with aspergers (a high functioning form of autism).  he is a great kid and i enjoy working with him. 

i still enjoy riding my bike.  i feel cool that it is my primary form of transportation; i carry my helmet like a badge of honor.  i have not felt any cardiovascular improvement, but my thighs are like redwoods.

at my camp, there are a lot of Jewish kids.  so we don’t play ‘steal the bacon’; we play ‘steal the bagel’.  bacon is not kosher.

through a hilarious string of emails with the harmonica teacher at old town school of folk music, i am now taking harmonica lessons for half price.  score!  my first lesson was last night, and it was an adventure.  in the future, i will dedicate an entry to this class.

i am settling into life in chicago over the summer.  i realise that a lot of good people are staying around.  socially, things seem to be picking up.

my reading list has been hugely neglected this past week.  but on the other hand, i have watched a lot of seinfeld.  i really, really like it.

hope everyone is enjoying life.
go pistons.

Saturday June 11, 2005

a list of things.

I would like to buy:
A good set of headphones.
a huge map of the world
michigan t-shirt (

books to read:
the power and the glory [Grahm Green]
sex, freedom, and economy [Wendell Berry]
unfettered hope [….]
how the irish saved civilization[…]
against all odds [chuck norris]
brothers k [you know who]
the next christendom
monganga paul
a prayer for owen meany
[chaim potak]
the size of thoughts
after viture [alasidar macintyre]
divided by faith
how the catholic church built western civilization
a generous orthodoxy [brain mclauren]
christ and culture
moral man, immoral society
great christian thinkers [hans k√ľng]

list of ideas:
mother’s day event.
michael jackson themed party
apple themed party
spelling themed party
halloween party

look into volunteering at:
npr [wait wait]
old town school of folk music
cornerstone [free dinner]
north park friendship center
working bikes

Friday June 10, 2005

[Hello Liz]

This is maybe the most exciting xanga entry I have ever written….
tonight, my mom and i did something that I had longed dreamed about.
I went to the recording of an npr show.

not any old npr show.
but one of my favorites.
thats’s right, the greatest public radio news quiz.

needless to say, my fragile system nearly failed due to the overload of pleasure this show caused.

Carl Kasell was the judge/scorekeeper.  Peter Sagal hosted.
Panalists included: Richard Roeper, Paula Poundstone and Mo Rocca.

And after the show, I shook Mo Rocca’s hand.
that’s right.
this is sublime bliss.
I am in heaven.

I encourage all of you to listen to the show this coming saturday.  (10am on WBEZ (91.5 in chicago)).  I also imagine there is a way to do it online, but I am not tech savvy enough to understand that.

I go to bed a happy man tonight.
good night.

Monday June 6, 2005

i almost want to continue my nascent trend of ‘screw-you letters.  this one would be directed at all those couples that i saw walking downtown today: holding hands, making out, making me feel very single…

but more important issues have arisen.

today i enjoyed a ‘darth dew’ slurpee in the shower.

this raises a question that needs answering.

and that question is:

is it okay to eat/drink while in the shower???