Tuesday May 24, 2005

dear change,

screw you.  you know that i have never cared for you; that i always had a hard time adjusting to you.  but you always come back.  everytime things are running smoothly (like a faithful refridgerator) you come and mess things up.  you make things all topsy-turvy, i hardly know what to do.  you think after spending so much time with you (in the car to north park, on the train to colorado, sitting by the window watching that beloved appliance leave) i would be used to you.  but i’m not.  i still hate you.  i can’t wait until i’m an old man, sitting under a blanket, reading a good book, next to my old and beautiful wife.  and then a smile will slowly dawn on my face when i realized that i have killed you.  until then, as i earlier said, screw you.

andrew john meyer

Friday May 13, 2005

i rode my bike for a long distance this morning, and i feel great.  i feel like i own the world.

personally, i would love to jump on board and say how great thefacebook is, but i am not convinced.  i confuses me and makes me feel unpopular.  if i want to be confused or feel unpopular, i’ll go to the mall.  at least there i can get an orange julius…

working in the library 5 hours a day gives me lots of time to reflect on life, get enraged at the same people who constantly check out laptops, and reflect a bit more.  who knew library work could be so meditative?

i ate thai food last night, and it was pretty good.

i am hopping the amtrak (yes!) back to GR (yes!) to see my parents (yes!).  as you can tell by the sheer number of exclamation points, i am pretty excitied to return home;
i don’t hate chicago like i thought i might have.  i love NP when it is in full swing, but life is lonely and boring around here otherwise.  it’s not bad (i pull down a good 10 hours of sleep a night); but it is certainly a more relaxed life.

that is all i have to give.

Thursday May 12, 2005


i say this only because it has become my new catch phrase.
i’m working on getting myself registered on the old facebook, but to me, it is just difficult.  i have never been too technological, maybe xanga will be the extent of my online community.

may term classes are amazing.  no mental exertion.  just the way education classes should be.

a good pickle can do a lot to redeem a lousy turkey sandwich.

library work is boring, but at the same time quite easy.

i hope that everyone is having a fabulous day.

Tuesday May 10, 2005

i feel that most other people have completed ‘this-is-what-life-is-like-a-few-days-after-north-park’ entry.  so here comes mine.

[it is rather long, but now that all pressures and responsiblities have been relieved, what else do you have to do?]

i am staying in chicago.  whether or not that was a good choice remains to be seen.  i have never been one to handle change well, and this is certainly no exception.  i have been overwhelmed with change, and my frail system is struggling to keep up.  cooking my own meals has been an interesting expereince; yesterday i bought turkey, cheese, and bread, and today i plan on using that.  to make sandwiches. an  to make grilled cheese.  that by far is the most elaborate meal i will have made.  i miss ara.  i miss eating off a buffet.  i think i am going to lose weight this summer because: i am eating limited quanities of food, i am no longer drinking pop, my sole means of transportation is a bike.

classes are classes.  they are education classes, which means that they suck on a fundamental level, but they are not mentally stressing and are mere busy work.  i am taking 2 classes and working in the library.  so my day looks like this.  hopefully
7 wake up.  attempt bike ride.
8 come back.  eat granola and yogurt.  maybe some fruit i purchased at aldi.  listen to npr, morning edition.
930 go to class.
1130 finish class.  eat lunch
1200 start work in library.
500 finish work.  make/eat dinner.
600 class again.
900 finish class.  homework or nothing.

living with luke has been swell thus far.  it is nice coming to a furnished apartment, i guess that is one less thing to worry about.

interesting note: ej introduced me to the practice of asking teachers to put books on reserve.  i have since no had to purchase the books for 3 education classes because the teachers willing put them on reserve.  this has saved me significant money.

i would like to conclude this rambling xanga post with some comments.

jenny williams is the greatest
happy mothers day mom, i hope to write a more fitting xanga tribute when the spirit moves.
if you are in the 60625, do not hesitate to call or email me.  once and for all, everyone take this down, my cell phone number (yes, i have a cell phone) is 616-648-2649.  you have my schedule and my phone, please never hesitate to call me.

wow, this is a rather pathetic xanga entry on many levels…

Wednesday May 4, 2005

Friends, Roman, Countrymen, lead me your ears!

Listen quietly, and I will quell your fears.

Fast approaching is the 100 mark

A true holiday at North Park


You have enjoyed with me this hot dog binge

(Though Ruth and Tatiana might cringe)

And now the only fitting thing

Would be to invite you for this encased meat fling.


Tomorrow evening, at a hair past nine

We’ll gather, we’ll ride, and we’ll dine.

Superdawg is our destination

Please provide your own transportation.


If you are interested in this extranvangaza

In this encased meats bonanza

Feel free to RSVP

It will be a good time, I guarentee.


If you have been invited, consider yourself lucky.

If you want to bring a friend, that is just ducky.

All you need is a ride and a few bucks.

If you’ve got that, you’re in luck.


I am still in need of a chauffeur

So if you want to drive this connoisseur

Some how let me know

So everyone: take a break from finals, come on, lets go!