Tuesday March 29, 2005

xanga, i can’t believe i’ve been away for so long…

Christ is risen.  I can’t believe that i ever thought advent was my favorite Church season; Easter is way better.  it’s an outright celebration.

i think that i am going to be a great old man.  i realise that i just wrote about this, but my love for slippers is increasing daily.

i rode my bike to the lake today.  it was beautiful.  and cardiovascular.

i don’t know what to do this summer.  stay in chicago and work with special needs campers (hopefully) or work at portage lake again.  both have pros and cons.  man oh man.

tomorrow i have to debrief with ‘the Suz’.  thought i was rated as a good debriefer, all i have to say is ‘good grief’.

i just finished re-reading this book.  i really enjoy it.  it is good for my mind.

Saturday March 19, 2005

a wise man once posed the question: what happens to a dream deferred?

let me tell you about my dream, long deferred, but now fulfilled.

i just got a 6-pack of tagless t-shirts.
that’s right, shirts with no tags.

it’s really one of the best things that has ever happened to my wardrobe.
i believe that this marks a great leap forward in consumer textiles.  the loom, the cotton gin, the advent of tagless t-shirts; these are the events our children will be talking about.

this leads to an interesting question: who would be stupid enough to buy shirts with tags?  the increase in comfort is palpable with each movement; the complete lack of a scratching tag is sublime bliss.  only the ignorant or the stupid would deny the greatness of the tagless shirt.  micheal jordan and jackie chan agree with me.

i suppose that this is superfluous luxury, but in the grand scheme of things, i am glad to be living with this luxury.  ’tis wonderous:

[post script:
home is good.  lots of slippers and blankets.  ate with grandma.  did homework.  i also got another tote bag from the library.  hott.]

Friday March 18, 2005

long entry.  please read.  it’s worth it.

well.  the hot count has improved to an even 70.
billington took me out for 2 hot dogs yesterday; we went to this place.

check this out:

mighty tasty.

on another note.  i must relay a story of my most recent appalachian adventure.

a local dog (canine, not sausage) spent a lot of time around the camp.  he was really friendly and personable; well accepted by everyone on the NP team.  he was especially well accepted by our cook for the week (from IL, but not NP related).  she would feed it and provide bedding for it.

note: this dog had a collar.

so come friday, she buys a leash for the dog.
and on saturday, she takes the dog home with her.

that’s right, our group was indirectly responsible for a dog-napping.

i then got this email; i’ll post it here, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent:

I have some very sad news.  [the dog] couldn’t be saved.  He is 9-10 years old.  He had heartworm, and was in extreme kidney failure, and had a greatly enlarged prostate.  He was in constant pain, which is why he yelped during the group photo.  We tried, but he was just too sick.  We had him put to sleep this afternoon, which was very hard for me to do.

We loved him, gave him a warm place to sleep and good food.  Other than that we could do nothing for him.  We spent a lot of money trying to help.  My husband and I were with him to the end, talking to him and petting him.
So in the end, we stole a dog from Appalachia; and then killed him.
Orchestra concert tonight at 730.
I’m heading home this weekend to relax and do homework.
Peace out to y’all.

Tuesday March 15, 2005

i feel like an old man for the following reasons:
1) I love wearing slippers.
2) I use a lot of blankets.
3) I have been going to bed early.

Appalachia was a great experience, but, in the words of ‘the Suz’, i am not finished debriefing.  time will tell.

jimbo is up at portage lake.

i feel slightly behind in all my classes, slightly unusual, but i am still not motivated to catch up.

the hot dog counts currently stands at 65; but i still want more. any takers?