Sunday February 27, 2005

another entry.  bam.

i love eating.  most of you already know this.  but really, it’s true.
my massive love of hot dogs (51.5!) has already been well chronicled on xanga, but i have decided to start another log of my eating habits.  I’ll call is “eating around the globe.”  i will try and expand the list of ethnic foods i have sampled.

Eating around the Globe

if you would like to add to this list, feel free.  if you have a certian ethnicity, show me a good restaurant or make me a meal.  if you just want to be adventerous, that is cool too.

on another note, the spelling themed party went out without a hitch.  well, i suppose there were many slight bumps along the way, but i am accustomed to a bumpy ride.  the alphabet rice crispie treats, the spelling bee itself, as well as the showing of spellbound were joyous ocassions.

that might be all i have.  for now.

Monday February 21, 2005

greetings north park community and xanga community.

SA elections are quickly upon us.  though i am not on the ballot, i am once again mounting a massive write-in campaign.

so please, if you want me to represent you, write me in.

write in andrew meyer.
[spelling counts so i will use my formal name-it is more senatorially]

if you don’t want me to represent you, don’t write me in.
[nate peterson is running again, and ruth johnson is running; vote for them, they are more qualified than me…]

i ate another 5.5 hotdogs since last update so my running total now stands at 47.5.  not too shabby.  but not as good as this guy…


i am in stats class now, someone please punch me in the face.

oh, and mr. t says “write in andrew meyer”

Wednesday February 16, 2005




Thursday, January 29, 2004

dear xanga community,

an idea that my roommate and i have been toying with for a while is the idea of having a xanga party, inviting all the members of North Park, Schmorth Park to an actual party; we could each wear name tags of our xanga names (i.e. mine woulr read “Hello, my name is Wittyusername1”).

I think that this would be a fun gathering because you could openly talk with all the people you don’t really know, but feel like you know because you read their xanga site; we all the awkward situation of refering to something that a casual acquaintance had posted, only to be forced to confess that you are subscribed to their site.  This get-together would eliminate all awkwardness.  and what cooler (or creepier) than actually meeting your internet friends.

Tell us what you think!


i thought i would open this xanga post with a previous post thus irrefutable proving that i had the idea for a xanga party over a year ago.  i still think it is a great idea and i will be attending regardless of my current class distinction

(ps: can you believe Julie Larson commented on the above post?  she is my xanga hero and inspiration!)

so much has happened in the past few days.

andrew freeman does not disappoint; nor is he a tease.  consider this your shout-out.

i have an unhealthy addiction to 24.  the tv show.  on dvd.

i am real hungry.  hungry for a hot dog.  my running total for the year slowed to 42.  way to low.  anyone up for a hot dog tomorrow between 6-9?

Sunday February 13, 2005

I have some breaking news from SA.  I may or may not be able to post it on my xanga site, due to the highly controversial nature of the information.  yet, i must inform the students.

this monday and tuesday, all members of the junior class have the privilege to recieve 1 roll of free 2-ply toilet paper.  there will be a table in carlson lobby.  stop by to pick up quilted gooddness.

and monday night, at 10 pm, in java house.  come by to get some free pizza.

this is the event



side story:  one of my favorite events of yesterday was in jewel when hiren and i were pushing a cart piled high with toilet paper is search of paper plates and cups.  it was classic.

also, if you want to help make creative signs, let me know asap.  you want to help gilmore?

Monday February 7, 2005

what?  does no one want to eat dinner with a professor?  too bad…

i ate 2 really good hot dogs today.  hot dougs.  good place.

[edit: hot dougs is on the corner of cailfornia and roscoe.  it was actually really good.  no suburbanites and quality hot dogs.  and thought i have only been there once, dare i say one of my favorite chicago hot dogs?]

this entry is lame.

Monday February 7, 2005

as many of you know, the mission auction is coming up (tomorrow night).  this excites me for 2 reasons:

1) andrew freeman is doing a dance.  is it just me, or is freeman some sort of north park god.  he is pretty intimidating, and i feel like he has celebrity status.  anyway, he is dancing.

2) my life long dream has been to eat at the house of a professor.  and each and every year, a few members of the north park faculty auction off dinner with them.  if you want to donate some money to missions, help me fulfill a dream, and eat at the house of a professor, let me know.  i want to do this more than anything.

eating hot dogs with cal katter?  sign me up!

Friday February 4, 2005

my new found ‘hipness’ comes from a new pair of shoes and jeans.

i love that the np press is back on a weekly schedule.  i’m not saying that the press is all that great; but i do enjoy reading it on a weekly basis.  i read it cover to cover every week.  though this year’s paper is still lacking a crossword…

i think i am going to go to a hot dog restaurant tomorrow around 1. hot dougs.  derek mentioned it yesterday and i read a review of it today in the tribune.
i understand that as a divine order that i should go.