Friday December 24, 2004

When we contemplate the mystery of the Incarnation, we begin to see its absurdity, its irony, the scandal that it causes in our minds and hearts. God becoming man, taking on a human nature, is an amazing event; the amazing event in history. If this doesn’t strike us as awe-inspiring, then we are not seeing clearly God’s magnificence or our own insignificance.

Friday December 24, 2004

an [lame] update from christmas break.

things i should have accomplished:
more reading (still finishing my book on globalization)
christmas shopping (still no gift for jim or my grandma)
camper christmas cards (which i finished today, but should have finished months ago…)

things i actually have accomplished:
playing lots of minesweeper.
watching movies.

i watched napoleon dynamite tonight.  i was going to post it because this would be a rare instant where what i was doing would be trendy and hip.  but instead, i am going to post the book i am nearly finished reading (and have been reading for far too long…). 

Sunday December 19, 2004

this past week has most likely been one of the best weeks of my life.


tim murakami, luke bruckner, and nick bruckner and i ventured to the wonderous state of connecticut for a week with the family of grace and margrit.  what we encountered surpassed all expectations.  i am having trouble translating these wondorous experiences into the xanga realm, words cannot do this trip justice.

Thursday December 9, 2004

random entry:
thoughts that i have thought today:

1.  many times i think that it is impossible that i don’t recieve any email in a day.  i find this so unlikely that i automatically assume that my mailbox is too full and that is the reason no one has written me.  i then delete all the worhless emails i can, and send myself an email to see if i recieve it.  it always pops up; my mailbox is never completely full; it is just that no one has written me.

2.  i broke my personal record of longest time spent in ARA today.  it was fabulous, though i consumed far, far too much mountain dew.

the highlight was this quote from louie: “i am a doctor, i cure hungry”

3.  i have no clean clothes.

4.  this book is quite good.  i really want to discuss it with someone.

Monday December 6, 2004

today i ventured into uncharted realms of the internet in search of mustache related websites.  i was overwhlemed, to say the least.

Poem (taken from ‘Mustache Summer)

M is for the Man who wears hair on his face
U is for the Unique way he lives
S is for the Styly way he jives the place
T is for the Tickley kiss he gives
A is for the Articulate manner in which he speaks
C is for his Corned beef & hash
H is for his Hair growing from cheek to cheek
E is for his Erotic…..manly…..mustache

after realizing that there was quite an e-community dedicated to the cultivating of these whiskers, i am considering applying for membership in this UK based club.

>>>>The Handlebar Club<<<<
(do yourself a favor and go to this website, you will not be disappointed.)