Thursday November 25, 2004

do you know what i hate?

v-neck t-shirts.

i mean really, what is the point?
the one i am wearing now is on loan from my father

[in searching for this picture, i realised that i hate another thing: that all the pictures of v-neck t-shirts have half naked men adverising them.  what the crap?]

other than undershirt related drama, thanksgiving is pleasant.
i wish all y’all a good thanksgiving.

Thursday November 18, 2004

it it time for a xanga entry.

over the past weekend, a hypothesis that i developed was put to the test, and ultimately was disproved.  however, due to the fundamental and universal nature of this phenomenon, i think this is important to share with the xanga world.  so, if you are willing to do a little reading, get on board.

i consider myself a marginally attractive, slightly atheletic, and somewhat intelligent person.  although others have described me as quirky, weird, and awkward, i mantain that this is a basically accurate description of myself.

i have a hypothesis regarding attractive people, and i feel the best way to explain this would be to post excerpts from an email correspondence i had over the past weekend.  brace yourself.
[names have been omitted to protect the privacy of those involved.]

i have a confession to make.  i always assumed that atrractive atheltic people (like yourself) are stupid, inconsiderate, immoral buffoons.  this is a hypothesis that us not-so-attractive, marginally atheltic people offer to explain the world.  yet, at every stage, you have proved said hypothesis wrong.  tonights mathamatical face-off proved once and for all the absurdity of this claim [note: i had hoped that an area that i could mantian the upper hand was the academic area of mathematics.  wrong]  i apologize on behalf all the other ‘average’ in society, but i hope this does not affect the potential of our friendship.
andy meyer

this hastily sent email was addressed to a person most would consider an outstanding member of the north park community.  again, not naming names, he is not only attractive and atheltic, but was also named mr. alaska in math in middle school.  this awkward, and humorous tenison has since been resolved, but the hilarity and the wisdom in this emails has been preserved.

i suppose that this is a very long entry, but i hope that it has been worth your time.  i hope that everyone now understands the world a little more clearly and will stop founding their social logic on a hypothesis that is a proven fallacy.

Tuesday November 9, 2004

it’s not you.  it’s me.

it really is and i’m not just saying that.  but really, i can’t stand to be with you any more.  it’s not that you are bad or wrong, in fact i used to love you…well, i guess i still do.  despite this love, i think that it is really time we called it quits.  i just hate what you do to me.  whenever we are together, people start talking.  and it’s not just that, it’s that well, sometimes we take it too far.  i think that i can set limits, i think i that i can control myself, but whenever we’re together, it just gets out of control too fast.

i know this will be hard, but i think, in the end, we will both be better off.

longingly yours,
andrew john meyer

Thursday November 4, 2004

[edit:  i wish to defend the merits of this post.  it is clear that in our country there is a shortage of texan leaders that our country can rally around and unite behind.  i offer chuck norris as the texas fighter that can unite our country.  i heart thee, chuck norris; you are the only hope for america.]

this man is an inspiration to me.

my life is mere leisure.

should i be complaining?