Sunday October 31, 2004

I just did one of the best parallel parking jobs of my life.  I stand in awe of my manhood–the only thing that may detract from the manliness of this feat of parking excellence is that it was a mini-van, my parents old mini-van.

So in one sense, I am now a man.
But in another, I am not.

On a related topic, now is definitely NOT a good time to shave the beard.  I am going to keep the mountain man beard growing for another season of my life.

Wednesday October 27, 2004

In the course of human events, there come some moments of change.  Change is usually difficult for me to embrace, but I am actively working to remedy this. Thus, I shall alter my facial hair.  Please vote according to your conscience.

‘the burnsides’

pros:  it looks cool.  no one else has it.
cons:  lack of facial hair.

‘the moustache’

pros:  he looks good.  honoring peter strom in his honoring of the former brawny man.
cons:  pedophile?

‘the mountain man beard’

pros:  little upkeep.
cons:  lice.

‘the classy goatee’

pros:  good for any occasion. accepted by the elderly.
cons:  i hate most people with goatees.

‘the sideburns’

pros:  sort of retro.
cons:  it’s been done before.

There you have it. Cast your votes now…

Sunday October 24, 2004

(edit: i am no longer a teenager)

i have decided in the eternal quest to better myself, i am going to commit to do the following things:

1.  work to be respsonsible with time use; don’t waste time.
2.  commit myself to quality xanga entries.
3.  drink less code red.  maybe none at all.
4.  listen to npr more often.
5.  continue to read more.
6.  don’t let little things consume me.
7.  drink more slurpees and eat cherry pies.
8.  sleep 8 hours a day.
9.  be less apathetic.
10.  spend better time with john.
11.  shower daily.
12.  grow facial hair.

and now i look to ya’ll for constant support and encouragement.
i would like to hear any additions you have to this list
reading suggustions.

thank you.

Saturday October 16, 2004

home is good.

tonight, at dinner, my grandma told us a story about an experience she had at her ‘store’ (she volunteers weekly at a slavation army like store).  she told us that a young child was running around the store, swinging on coat racks at whatnot, people could not get control of this child.  so she comes up to him and says something like “look her kid, stop running around!”.  to which the child gets big eyes and pees his pants.  this story is funny and is typical of my grandma.

interesting bit of trivia

what do i have in common with george w. bush?
our favorite tv show is:

Tuesday October 12, 2004

it seems to be time for an update.  i’ll keep it short.

me and kurt petersn had a wonderful conference in his office today.  for a fleeting moment, i wanted to be a history major.  then i realised, no, i just want to be kp.

my goal to read one leisure book a week is in serious jeopardy.  i was one book up, but if i don’t read 230 pages by friday, i will fall behind.  and it’s not becauses it’s a bad book.  actually it is fascinating.  well, as fascinating as studying a genocide of a people can be.  i don’t want to be morbid.

i am off to orchestra.  hope that everyone is having a good day.

Wednesday October 6, 2004

I was going to class on the 6th floor tonight, running a little late, so I decide to get on the elevator.  Several other people get on and we begin our ascent.  And then we stop on the 3rd floor!  I don’t know why I got (am getting) so worked up about this, but this is ridiculous to me.  Unless you are 9 months pregnent or in a wheelchair, two flights of stairs will not kill you.

I tell this story both because I find it entertaining, but it is also paradigmatic of my life; I get really worked up about small things.  Causes of this issue remain obscure.

In conclusion, don’t ride elevators at all.  I should have taken the stairs.

PS sorry this is a lame entry…

Monday October 4, 2004

I have two on-going love affairs in my life.  Now, they have been gloriously combined.  The “We Love Angie’s Subs” group has been formed.  My two mistresses: Angie’s Famous Subs and Xanga have become acquinted.  If this metaphor is carried further, it gets a little shady, so I’ll stop using it now.

regardless, join the club only if you truly have a deep love for the 3.75 daily special, a burning passion to support Angies, and a genuine appreciation for the kind service.  or if you hate subway.