Wednesday September 22, 2004

the river of free water that had once flowed from viking cafe has run dry.

my twice daily habit of getting water from viking cafe was ended today by an employee (who uncoverd my hydration heist) who informed me that the cups cost money and i would be expected to pay next time.  this marks the end of an era.  needless to say i am devastated.  devastated and thristy.

Saturday September 18, 2004

The gentle frank all red and white, i love it with all my soul.
it gives me meat with all it’s might to eat upon a roll.
it’s tasy, toasted – it’s racy, roasted- it’s full of iron and phosphorus.
it’s the favorite ration of all our nation.
and mustard is the sauce for us.

the frank’s the friend of every man, proud,
it’s curve is pure american, and full of eating beauty!
thanks, thanks for excellent fanks.
that are practically always digestible.
the dickens with chickens, or steaks on planks.
the frankfurter’s my comestible!

(excerpts from the Byron’s hot dog menu)

Tuesday September 14, 2004

what a morning.
already i have encountered 4 good things.

1)  ARA breakfast; the best way to start a day.

2)  Reading a book on Liberation Theology.  It is really good; information on a subject i was interested, though uninformed about. (see below)

3)  Louie (from ARA) greeting a special needs student that comes to ARA with his class.  It was really good.

4)  A long awaited email.

Wednesday September 8, 2004

any shred of man-hood i once had, i left on the street in front of sohlberg.

in an attempt that can best be descibed as embarrasing, i attempted to park in a spot that afforded me only about 1 foot of manuerving.  a greater man would have driven by, but i, in my feeble attempts of masculinity, tried to pull in. needless to say, after a short struggle, i succumbed.

it could have been my bar-mitzvah, but instead, it was a moment of shame that ensured my position as a child in my heart and in the eyes of the cruel on-lookers.

chuck norris could have parked there.

Friday September 3, 2004


this is the story of my day, it involved a poster, a confrontation, and peeing next to alan keyes.

so there i was in class today, john in C41.  in the back of C41, there is a scary scary poster with some people that bear a slight resemblence to tell-a-tubbies.  i mean this poster is scary, as well as hilarious.  i notice the hilarity of the poster in malecki with a point and a small laugh and underthebreath comment.  this comment spreads down the aisle a bit and may have been referenced later in the class.  so then at the end of class, louis, the kid sitting directly in front of the poster comes up to me and asks “you have something to say to me?”  unknowily, i ask him to repeat himself, only the realising that he must think that i was pointing and laughing at him.  apologetically, i try and explain that i was laughing about the poster, not him.  i think he left class mad.  it’s a tough world though.

on another note:  i went to the talk about health care tonight.  i felt that Obama’s talk was really good.  clear, concise, with solid points made about good topics.  in the intermission, i shared the bathroom with alan keyes.  yes, that’s right, i peed next to alan keyes.  then he spoke.  it was pretty bad, and towards the end, it felt like i having a surreal, out of body experience; i was snapped back into reality when he said something to the effect that i could elect a baby killer or a life giver.  wow.  i’m sure that someone you know was there and you’ve probably all talked about it.  so i’ll leave it at that.

sorry about this (and past) entry that is becoming a bit long-winded.  though i am barely past the cover of this book, it is very interesting, and very good.  read it.

have a good night.

Wednesday September 1, 2004

my xanga entries are reflected my current feelings towards life: unfocused, but over all good.

i have decided, with no arrogance or sarcasm, that i lead a pretty good life.  mostly, i have realised that most of the time, i am happy.  i hope that you all can say the same.

the relationship between the number of 3-7’s sat and my skill in crosswords has a strong correlation.  I can now finish one with a minimal use of white-out.

in the immortal words of a great man, ‘lets be honest’  ARA has been really good this year.  i’m being serious.  it’s good.

well, that might be all.  someday i’ll get around to writing a good, well-thought out xanga entry.

(is it cliche to talk about xanga while writing a xanga?  i think so.)