Wednesday August 25, 2004

Well, it’s that time again, update time.
First a poem, than an update.

*********a poem that rhymes*********
(composed late night in the library)

Watching you wash the dishes
and playing with your fishes
has given me a grand revelation
working to imporve our strained relation
I was reminded of Jonesville, VA
quite long ago, remember the day?
Amidst massive devastation
on a mountian, Appalachian.
our friendship, oh how it grew
almost to the point of stalking you
and then a push!, a shove!
certianly not an act of love
my manhood overwhelming
my testostorone intoxicating
our friendship i traded
for other males easily presauded
for the wrongs i have made
from then to this very day
I am sorry, and all i need
this i ask, this i plead.
is to be your friend
Yours truly, with the warmest regards,

Okay, here is a rundown of my life.
(more or less in chronological order)

3am sat desk
7am checked email, went to breakfast
8:30am finish breakfast, bike ride
10am shower
11am greek
1230pm lunch
215pm theology
4pm loft transitions
6pm dinner at los mogotes
7pm shopping at amvets
8pm hanging with friends
9pm library work
12pm sleep

There is no way i can keep this Wednesday schedule up all year.  i am a machine, but i also need sleep.

However, here is another list of future things that excite me.

1.  SuperSizeme (a documentary on obesity and McDonalds) which I am watching tomorrow night.
2.  Chicago Jazz festival this weekend.  Let’s go.
3.  ARA.  I’ve got to say, I love ARA!  bonus, it’s really good so far this year.

Sorry, this is already far to long for the casual xanga users, and I assume that only those who are bored or are stalking me or in some other way sickly obessed with me.

(side note.  i have decided that i am sickly obessed with some people, but more than that, i hope at least one person is obessed with me.  it think that at this stage in my life, it would be more flattery than creepy, though probably as soon as it happens, it will shift back to the creepy catergory.  the grass is always greeneer i suppose…)

Saturday August 21, 2004

okay.  so after two busy days of moving overly consumeristic freshman back and forth to the shopping oasis that is the howard strip mall, i am enjoying the small break.  though i agreed to work today.  and i have to work tomorrow.  poop.

i am so sick of michael phelps.  good swimmer: yes.  body of a greek god: maybe.  worthy of all the nbc attention: not in my opinion.  I want to see some judo, some badmition, some table tennis.  ANYTHING but another human interest piece!

Despite the Michael Phelps mania that was nbc olympic coverage last night, i managed to have a good time hanging out at ‘the apartment’.

In conclusion, I am better looking that Michael Phelps.  but i haven’t recieved a gold medal.  or nbc coverage.  but still…

Tuesday August 17, 2004

 it has been a week since my last xanga.  many exciting things have transpired since then.  but i don’t really want to write about those.  actually, i don’t want to write about anything really.  but that is life i suppose, boring.  but look at yourself, you are still reading this nonsense.  now i ask you, who is the bigger loser: the person with a boring life or the person reading about the boring life?  we all know the correct answer is: the person who decides to write about their boring life on xanga.