Wednesday June 2, 2004

I am sure that many in the xanga universe are wondering:
“what will happen to Andy’s xanga site once he heads out to Colorado?”
“how will we keep in contact?”

Well, let me answer that in typical xanga fashion.

Andy Meyer
Covenant Heights
7400 Hwy. 7
Estes Park, CO 80517

Write me.  And as an added bonus (and because I am too lazy to collect all your wonderful addresses) if you leave a comment with your addresss, I promise to write you from 9000 ft.

(i will check my xanga and email very infrequently over the summer, so urgent message should be handled by either the united states postal office or my parents)

Hope that everyone has a great summer.  Keep living the crazy life!

Tuesday June 1, 2004

if feel like it is time for an entry, but i really have nothing to say.  let the rambling begin.

I saw Shrek 2 (again) tonight.  once again, i thought it was pretty hilarious.  a deeply enjoyable time.  great company (that consisted of Jim, Megan, and Billington) and a good movie.

I hung out at portage this past weekend.  it was pretty good.  did a bit of work, did a bit of play.  overall, really good times.  i wish the summer staff the best for the summer.

I head out to CO this thursday.  i will spend a quick night in Chicago with some friends, new and old and then i hop the train out west.  i am sure that i will write a bit more on the covenant heights adventure later on.  right now i am in the middle of the typical excitement/apprehensive emotions that seem to define change in my life.  i really miss that refridgerator…

I am sure that i am not the only person who has noticed a budding romance between a certain pair of xanga users.  i make this my public stand and i encourage all those who have noticed this relationship to stand with me.

That is all.