Friday February 27, 2004

Hey guys, I really want to see a movie this weekend, I was thinking amybe “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” starring Lindsay Lohan.  That girl is such a talent, first her stunning debut in the 1999 remake of “The Parent Trap,” then she has the sleeper hit of last summer with the charming remake of “Freaky Friday.”  Man…she’s gotta get her own material.  Maybe, I’ll just listen to NPR with Betsy (Joe’s Moose) and Goldy (my hallow golden mac computer/fishtank).  Andy Meyer, signing off, from Xanga, and Survey of Exceptional Learners…I’m miss you JW!

Tuesday February 17, 2004


Moral was high as we set out on our amazing quest to colorado territory.

In order to save money, jim and i decided to bring our own food.  here is a great shot of me enjoying nilla wafers.

after a long night (Nebraska is a boring state), the sunrise signaled that we were near our destination: denver.

The ride up to camp offered our first look at the mountains.  an amazing sight to these tired eyes.

This is a view of longs peak from the camp.  it is great.

A picture of my brother near the climbing wall, twin sisters behind.

The campers arrived.  Fun was had by all, and this is longs peak at sunrise.

These are the boys.  There were all good kids for the most part.  yeah.

Following a morning of camp games, arts and crafts, we all got in a car and headed into the park (rocky mountain national park) to go tubing.  good times.

Broomball was amazing. 

At the end of the weekend, we arrived in denver, only to find out that our train was delayed about 12 hours.  It was not too upset.

After walking around downtown denver until about 1am, jim and i decided just to try and sleep until the trains estimated arrival, 5am.  a very classic situation.


We were both pretty tired.  after we got on the train, we both slept quite a bit. 

About 230 in the am, we arrived back in chi-town.  good to be home.

This weekend was amazing, ask me about it and i will tell you sometime.  I would also like to take a moment for a shameless ad for covenant heights.  It is an amazing camp, if you are looking for something to do this summer in the covenant camping industry, look into covenant heights.  Colorado is great !

Thursday February 5, 2004

long time no entry… here goes a long entry.

life continues on…i think it is sometimes stange how life continues on, whether we have all the present relationships, priorities, schedules, routines, and details in life firgured out or not.  it doesn’t really matter.

i am broke.  i am ultra excitied to go to colorado, which is a short 7 days away, but now i also realise that i need to pay for the appalachia trip and invest in my last book of the semester.  money is a s sticky subject.

classes continue on.  for the most part they are all enjoyable, dialogue actaully being an enjoyable experience this time around.  Paul is an interesting guy.  linear algebra is a dandy math course, nothing too exciting thus far, though i recently got the book for that class, so it makes things a good deal easier.  educational pyschology is hopefully an easy class, i have only gone twice and the class is only meeting like 5 other times.  seems nice to me.  survey of exceptional learners is very interesting, in reality i really enjoy that class, the subject matter is really interesting.

IM volleyball was great.  why aren’t i more active in general?  i bet i would feel better.  angie’s subs is going to rock the ‘b’ league like no other; this is the volleyball equalivant of babe ruth pointing to the outfield wall before he stepped up to bat.

xanga is pretty fabulous at times, though a weak form of communication.  i always feel pathetic when i read about people’s day before i hear about it from them in real life.  it is not condusive to community building.

the man who spoke in chapel this past wednesday was amazing, i would say the best sermon i have heard during my north park career.  i encourage dialogue on his sermon.

upon chatting with my roommate, i am left asking myself; what do i feel strongly about on the north park campus?  let me rephrase, how can i change north park for the better?  and let me clarify before the rumors start, it does not have anything to do with groundhogs.