Wednesday December 31, 2003

well, its another day.  here’s a thought

instead of me coming up with lame new years resolutions, other people i know come up with them for me.  you seldom have a objective view of your own life, so how can i alone be expected to make changes for the better?  you tell me what changes need to happen, what habits need to change, and what ever else you think. if i am not the best person ever next year, you have all failed me as friends.

until next year-actually, it always really bothers me when people make a big deal about new years.   you know, “see you tomorrow” “no, i’ll see you next year!”  come on, we all know it is the new year, thats just stupid.

Tuesday December 30, 2003

let me summarize my recent history:

bought some dope cds: the best of U2 (1980-90), picking on U2- a bluegrass tribute, and martin scorsese (the pbs special) presents the best of the blues.  christmas money hopefully well spent.

the mc-rib is great.  wow mom.  i cannot get enough.

project is finished, i am pretty content.  real man build things, therefore, i am a real man

going to the traditional all night party tonight, should be lots of fun.  no pop will be tough, though lots and lots of…

thats about all, let me say it again, the mcrib is great (though my brother takes a different opinion)

Friday December 26, 2003

Christmas came and went, and another joyous holiday season is reaching its close.  this year was laid back, i think the first time ever i slept in my own bed on Christmas eve.  Muppet’s Christmas was/is amazing.  its great.  a commecialist highlight was that i recieved my very own copy of zoolander, so my mom and i can spend countless hours enjoying that classic.  that is about all.  plans to come up north are in the works, so involved parties expect a planning call in the near, though not-too-near future.  that is about all.  update more late…

Monday December 22, 2003

well well well

life is pretty good lately, it seems obvious most of the time, but so eay to forget.  hmm.  i walked out the library last saturday, deeply impressed by a beautiful sunset over grand rapids, and then walking towards the car, i saw a young boy playing with what appeared to be his grandmother, at least an older women.  they were just running around this little flagpole, laughing, changing directions on a whim.  then, as if they knew i was enjoying the moment, they elderly women bent down and caught the little boy, swung him around a few times, both laughing and looking truly joyous.  it was a great moment, and i wish i had a better command of the english language to better express the experience.  ah well… thanks for putting up with that story.

ah, the swedes are back.  after a great converstation and some tense games of ‘egyptian rat screw’ last night, kathryn is back in grand rapids.  it was good to talk to her and see her, i am looking forward to hanging out over break and the next semster at NPU.  i think it will be a good semster. 

now, my plans for the week:  i am not sure, maybe a haircut?  definatly some shopping (let me pause for a moment, i am really sick of hearing sermons about how stressful the christmas season is!  they also seem so lacking and shallow, yet you can expect at least a hundred sermons every december about how we need to slow down and find Jesus in this season.  valid point, but still…) hanging out with the brother, parents, grandma, it should be a good week.

still working out plans to go up north sometime over break, will keep people posted, but most likely not over xanga.

xanga, what a strange idea…

hope you are all having a good christmas and a break from north park.

Tuesday December 16, 2003

well, here is some stuff i have done.

I am home and sleeping in my own bed…for the first time in a long time…though i am certianly not complaining about friends staying over- if you are near by or interested consider this an invitation, but only after we…..

finish painting the kitchen.  i am painting all the cupboards and drawers, which equals a lot of sanding and a lot more painting.  I think it will look good though.

ate at yesterdog.  even if you have never been, i am pretty sure that most of the world i have met knows that this is my favorite restaurant.  3 ultradogs, 2 lemonades (still no pop) and a bag of cheese curls later, i am content, though i am sure that that the yesterdog addiction will return.

went to church.  it was different being away for so long and returning to a new (interm) pastor, but it was still the church from my childhood.

ate ‘sluggo’s pizza’.  twice.  if you know about my eating history (which seems to be a recurring theme in my life, you know that this is the neighborhood pizza place that my family starting ordering from once a week, every sunday night back freshman year of high school.  that tradition continues to the present, which is nice.  leftovers are great.

reflected on the past semster at north park.  i have come to no real conclusions.  i worked hard i hope that i got grades to match, but i am beginning to question whether it was worth all that time and effort.  again, no conclusions, but it is a process.  feel free to email any insights.

wrote a letter to one north parker, you’ll just have to wait and see who it was.

talked to kathryn’s mom/got an email from her/ thought about all the bread.  i am looking forward to her return, to put it lightly.

definatly spent some good time with the family.  mom is still off from nursing nursing a hurt wrist.  that was a pretty clever sentence.  dad is busy, but the paint fumes bring the family together, just like old times, and my painting skills have hardly improved.  jimbo and i cruise around like always.  enjoying a slurpee (lisa?) in the middle of our evening mission

the evening mission.  really more my mission for break.  it is very secretive, so i will keep it a secret.  don’t get too excitied.

done a good deal of reading.  “revolutions in world missions” the book handed out by umin has been an interesting read,  done with the book, but not done unpacking and processing the book.  i will write a book report and post it on xanga when i am done.  actually, that is a lie, don’t look forward to any book report.  i am reading this other book now ‘angels and demons’ it is much like a john grisham novel, and easy read but a page turner.  i am not hooked yet, but it is a definite possibly.  i hope to start ‘moral man in an immoral society’ soon.  it comes recommended (from katter…) and i think i need to keep up my intelligent reading over break.  wait, i should say that i have gathered a lenghtly reading list over break, books that i hope to read…over break.  i’ll keep you posted, so far:1 down

wow, this is by far the longest xanga entry, if you actually read all that, you are probably like me, addicted to xanga and without deadlines.  it is a good place to be, though slightly dangerous.  well, enough rambling for one evening, i am off.