Saturday November 29, 2003

home has been pretty good so far, i am having a good time relaxing with family and friends. Have no fear, i am dilligently documenting this entire weekend so everyone can share in the joy. have a great day

Oh, don’t worry, that is a picture of jim and me on the first day of fourth grade. i am just as good-looking and fashion counscious today as i was on that day. oh my…

Friday November 21, 2003

well well well, looks like another friday morning…and we all know what that means, another edition of the north park press to keep is informed and abreast of the happenings across the north park campus.

i have decided that my history of the church class is like a british comedy you see on pbs, it really don’t get it, but it is still hilarious

no a similiar note, i am not at all against pbs, in fact i love pbs and npr, though i listen/watch less of each then i wish.  i need to stay informed.

i haven’t showered since wednesday.

good day to all of you, i look forward to a great friday. 

Sunday November 16, 2003

what i learned this weekend (more or less in chronological order):

– Riding in the car with jim is still fun

-man, the stories from heights are greaet (pink golfball especially, ask me sometime)

– Flying J.  enough said

-Parents are great, good to be home.

-Carpeting is amazing, so is having rooms (notice the plural)

-sleep is good, my bed is even better.

-no having to worry about classes is nice, but still worrying about classes wrecks that freedom

-i learned a lot about group theory, though definatly not enough.  Almost nothing about the protestant reformation.

-my grandma is still one of my favorite people, even when she is living with some one that isn’t white (it’s a canary, ask me about it)

-chinese food is good sometimes, not so good other times, but it is essentially two meals.

-high school plays make me think about high school a lot, the father was hilarious.

-sometimes mildly long quiet drives alone are needed, great time to think

-life is amazing, in a confusing sort of way

-i am still single

-i am blessed beyond my imagination

-minesweeper at the home computer is pretty great.

-sleep is great

-bacon, coffee, and the trash dump with one brother, one father, and one friend often makes for a good evening.

-starbucks and trash dumps don’t mix, even though i didn’t have any starbucks.  real men work at the dump, and they can back up trailers with ease

-always lift with your legs, and my back is pretty strong even after the years of rest in academia

-always leave the refrigerador door open!

-U of M is looking really good, OSU not looking to good, and i’m looking forward to next weekend.

-hot dogs are still great, even if they are not yesterdogs and are enjoyed in the company of ten junior high boys.

-hockey is more than fights, but i am there essentially for the fights and the fans, and the fellowship (keeping with the ‘f’ theme)

-free laundry is great, and i like having clothes be dry when i take them out of the dryer.

-your perspective on life matters a lot.  it is interesting

-life is… wow, what a statement.

That is about all, well, in reality, that is not any where close to all.  I has been a good weekend, adjectives fail me.  It was a needed time of rest and recharge, but i am looking forward to returning to north park, if only to appreciate people that i often look by.  I look forward both to my return to North Park, and my return home over fall break, i am amazingly blessed.