Thursday October 30, 2003

long time no update; here it goes:

Life has been good, i was quite busy this past week, but that has calmed down quite a bit, and now i am slightly uncomfortable with free time.  How insecure can i be that i feel lost if i don’t have pressing deadlines and days packed fun of events, activities, and homework?  Oh well, life is good though

The weather is beautiful today, i hope that i can enjopy it to the fullest.

Tuesday October 21, 2003

my to-do list:

(an introduction.  I firgure, xanga is the perfect spot to put a to-do list, i can look at it and see what i need to do, and i know people are really that interested in my life, my shopping list may be up in the near future)

read for history of the church and write paper.

read McKnghts book for Jesus.

work hard on Abstract Algebra take-home test, study for in-class.

meet my ‘little brother’ for one on one.

brush up on my geometry skills.

keep up whatever social life i had so as not to go crazy with work and reading.

do all the other needed things in life (eat, sleep, work…)

Monday October 13, 2003

here’s a question:

when you walk through double doors (such as the library or magnuson) and someone holds the door for you, do you say thank you both times, or just once (or not at all)??  It is strange to say it twice, but only once leaves the awkward silence as you walk through the second door.  What do YOU think??