Sunday September 28, 2003


tonight was yet another good evening full of uno, hot apple cider, micheal jackson music videos, and my personal favorite sleep.

i have decided to start observing a ‘sabbath day’ where the focus is not on work and jobs and expectations, but rather just resting.  it the test run was last weekend and it went great and this weekend was no different.  though i certainly feel short worring about next weeks homework, i feel setting aside a day to rest and recharge may be a great idea.  have a great night!

Saturday September 27, 2003


about my life.  yesterday was a good day overall.  im a chipper mood all morning (as a result of the wondrous evening already summarized?) went to the cubs game, though there was no game.  it was disappointing, though still a good time of fellowship.  that night, an ultra-muddy game of football, followed by a nice warm shower.  then a great time of fellowship in 106.  a great time of fellowship.  i really enjoyed the evening and would love to make that the norm for social gatherings.  i can’t tell everyone how needed that was and how great it was.  this morning started with the realization that i have a lot to accomplish for the next academic week.  that was sort of depressing, but i hope to make it through.  i went to both the womens and men’s soccer games today, it was good to watch some soccer and just kick (soccer pun?) back.  tonight remains a mystery that has just begun, though i would love to get a lot of sleep and maybe even accomplish some of the work already mentioned.  i am glad the cubs did well.  i hope that everyone is having a great day. 

Friday September 26, 2003

The summary of roommates revenge.

step one-take a shower, my parents tell me women appreciate personal hygeine, and lacking first hand experience, i gave them the benifit of the doubt and showered.

step two- walk to the hump with joe (the meeting place) only to meet the mystery women who had caused me so much anxiety.  that mystery woman was sara (no h?)

step three- get in car.  take long detour (rather, ignoring detour) finnaly reaching destination.

step four- roll down your window and order a hotdog, joe/alicia had send us to superdawg.  it was a great experience that made me remeber the good old days of hotdog splender.  conversation happened and the awkward pauses were were kept to a minimum

step five- once more get in the car and get lost again.  well, not lost, just another scenic detour.  we both agreed it was like a ‘low ropes element’ (a team building exercise, i feel like that is covenant camp jibberish sometimes.)

step six- arrive at theater, walk past a poster of Enrique Iglesias a full 4 times before the night was out.  Walking into the theater just as the opening credits began, we take our seats among the other three people and begin to enjoy ‘Finding Nemo’

step seven- slowly life your arm like you are streching or yawning and slowly bring it down around her shoulders.  as many of you can attest, i have been working on this move for quite sometime now and all the practice has paid off.

step eight- leave theater and drive to 7-11, it is slurpee time and joe is buying

step nine- leave 7-11 slurpee machine is broken

step ten- arrive at different 7-11, enjoy cherry slurpees.

step eleven- pull back up to sohlberg and a brisk walk over to anderson, thus concluding both my first roommates revenge experience and this post.

Wednesday September 24, 2003

greetings to all those in the xanga subculture.

i am doing pretty well.  i cannot complain.  Classes have been okay.  life has been good.  However, if i have learned nothing from american culture, people don’t the averagely boring.  we need excitement, scandal, intrigue, mystery.  So, with that in mind, i will sensationalize my day.  (i have also decided to employ more interesting words and expressions.)

I shot out of bed this morning like a bullet from a gun.  not showering, throwing off the oppresive shackles of personal hygeine, i started the perilious trek to ara.  finally reaching my destination, i gorged myself on the fine delights of ara.  Time being short, i sprinted over to Carlson.  i sat in utter suspense as i absorbed the knowledge that was flowing from the bible.  gleefully skipping down 1 flight of stairs, i took the 1st step towards understanding the history of the church.  watching really crazy people fight argue and kill over points they nothing about was about as interesting as a brown bag, but it was entertaining.  Once more bound for ara, i was faced with a dazzally array of entrees and options that i was faced with a culinary conundrum.  WHAT TO EAT!  (side note, ARA is rocking good this year, all i have to say is stop the ARA hate.)  Forgetting what i did next.  i will skip to where my memory is as clear as a mountain stream.  Orchestra was an experience like no other.  Zell dazzled his class with metaphors that have never found there way into the english language.  Heading over to the ARA once again, i went to the community meeting small group.  It was utterly fascinating to discuss the issues at hand and see what it means to be a community.  Tonight was full of hours of productive homework and social events, though neither very interesting.  But really, who is reading this.  i mean lets be honest, even after by best attempts to make my life interesting, it is not.  No one i reading this, it is far to long.  I very seldom read long xanga post, they are mostly rambling with boring language.  this post is the difference.  my language has been dazzling, intoxicating, and downright good.  i appreciate it, and i am content with my boring dull life.  And that is the sweetest thing in all the earth. 

Wow, that was a waste of your time to read.  forgive me for wasting however long it took you to skim that.  i am a disgrace to the xanga community. 

(i am not reading this yet, but i will soon.)

Sunday September 21, 2003


i am doing well.  I had a rocking good time back in grand rapids this weekend.  It was a great time of rest and relaxation, plenty of slurpees, a meal at my grandma’s, michigan losing (this is NOT a highlight, more like a low-light.), meijers-related craziness, and good conversations.  All in all a great time.  i hope my comrade can say the same.  i have a lot of homework to do now though, seeing how i accomplished nothing school related this weekend.  Life is good though, and sometime it takes a walk in the woods and good conversations to snap you out of…it.  (whatever ‘it’ may be).  Leave me a comment, give me a call.

Saturday September 13, 2003

man, life.  who knows what to make of it?  here are somethings i know for certain.

God is there through it all.

ara is really pretty good this year.

U of M rocked the fighting irish today

raspberry lemonade is the greatest drink known to me (also a proof of the 1st known certainity.)

now, to increase interaction, and to breath life into this old xanga site, everyone add something they are certain of,  or contest something i have posted. i hope to update more frequenty, so put your seatbelt up, put you seat to the full upright position and hold on tight because we are going places.