Tuesday August 26, 2003

yo.  north park is rockin’ once again; pulsing with the energy only college students can bring.  it is good to be back.  thus far classes have been good, room (and roommate situation) have been wonderful, and ara more than expected.  i am enjoying life, though that is less related to circumstances and more related to mindset.  i hope everyione is having a fabulous day.  give a call or come over.  i believe we can be reached at 4508, though i am still unsure.  oh well. 

Saturday August 9, 2003


currently, i am back in grand rapids.  it is good to be home; it is good to eat mom’s food, hear my grandma’s stories, sleep in my old bed.  actually i have been back home for almost a week now, and i am just now getting around to updating this xanga page.  oh well, that’s life.

  Colorado was an amazing experience, and i think (and hope) that i am just starting to unpack all of that.  i recently made a pligrimage to portage lake, to see the whole portage crew and the long lost brother.  they have one week left, and i am anxiously awaiting picking up those relationships.  i am still deeping processing both that trip and Colorado, as well as preparing myself for NPU.  I am excited, and since i have got nothing to do in the next week or two, hopefully i will have both under control in…. a… week or two.  that is all.  i am trying NOT to watch tv, so i am reading a lot.  and i am reading a great book, i recommend the first 147 pages to everyone, and i will tell you about the rest as soon as i am done.  take care.