Saturday July 12, 2003

greetings from 9000 ft.!

this being my first entry in quite some time, i wonder how many people are going to stumble onto this little insight into my life at hih elevation.  things out here are going tremendously well, it has far exceeded all my expectations.  the staff here is (for the most part) awesome and really a great bunch of people to work at a camp with.  the montains are amazingly beautiful!  they are beyond description, though i do have a few pictures.  the actual camps have been good for the most part, exhausting, but also rewarding and great to see how God can work in this setting.

this weekend, i am just chilling around camp well most of the staff has left for denver to go to a big water park.  kathryn and i stayed back, and believe it or not, we cut each others hair.  i have to say we both did a good job.  today i plan on doing a LOT of wash watching some movies, and possibly going to a rodeo tonight.  or maybe i will hike up estes cone to see the sunset.  who knows?  i hope that everything is going well for whoever reads this where ever they might be.  i have only 3 weeks of camp remaining, which, of course is bittersweet.  it will be great to be home and see the family and friends, but it will also be tough leaving after such a great summer experience.  well, that is about all i have to write now, i hope this letter note has found you well and in good spirits, i hope to talk to most of you soon (assuming of course that i know who is reading this…, the internet is a big and scary place).  take care.