Saturday May 31, 2003

greetings to those in the xanga universe-

alas, this is my final xanga entry for quite some time.  as most of you all know, i leave tomorrow for covenant heights in CO.  I am both tremendously excited and slighty nervous at the same time, difficult to describe, but easy to relate to.  just thought i would leave a final update with all you faithful followers.  you can write me at an address given below, i would love to hear from y’all.  Take care and God Bless.

Thursday May 22, 2003


how is everyone doing?  I hope that life is going well for everyone.  I have spent a lot of time unpacking and processing everything involved in ‘THE NORTH PARK EXPERIENCE’, and all i can say is thanks.  God has blessed me hugely, far beyond my highest hopes or expectatins, through all the relationships at north park.  All i can say is that the north park crew has been a huge blessing and encouragement, accountablity and support; you have helped me to grow and i am constantly amazed by God’s grace.  I hope to get out more later, but i thought a public post would be a good venue for that revelation.

in the midst of processing north park, i am also preparing myself for summer in CO.  I am a slight bit nervous, but mostly tremendously excited about this summer.  i am expecting a great summer, where i can see God moving and working in the world (i mean come on, it’s mountains!) and in the peoples lives.  Any and all letters/postcards/love letters would be greatly appreciated (well, maybe not the love letters (they might become a disctraction…)).  Email will be checked very seldomly, so real, acual physical mail is the best way to get a hold of me and keep in touch.  I will try in earnest to write letters this summer.  My address is as follows:

Andy Meyer 7400 Hwy 7 Estes Park, CO 80517

Again, thanks to everyone out there.  I hope to write more to each of you when my thoughts are clear not meaningless ramblings.  I leave you with a view from my front door this summer.  (okay, i am not too swift with computers, click this link to see the intended picture, it is well worth the click.)’s%20Peak%202.jpg

Monday May 12, 2003

xanga users-

Greetings from grand rapids.  It is good to be back home, though it is only 45 degrees and raining.  I miss all the north parkers, i greatly anticipate my sophomore year, I am sure i will see everyone sooner than i think.  currently, i am unpacking the events of the year and processing things.  more to come about that i am sure.  Things in g-rap are good, the family is doing well, as are the friends i have seen thus far.  only about 3 short weeks here and then i am out to CO.  That is really exciting me, but also making me a bit anxious as the day approaches.

Oh well, that is all, northparkers, expect some form of communication from me, wheter in the form of email, actual mail, a call, or a carrier pigeons.  That is all for now, take care.


Thursday May 1, 2003

greeting those in the xanga universe…

life is so raining this week.  take that how ever you wish too.  i am currently sitting at work, i should be working on my CS Lewis essay, but i feel no motivation/inspiration.  I was always annoyed when people say ‘they lack the inspiration to write’ but that truly is the case for me right now… i am sure i will be more motivated, but probably in the wrong way, late late Sunday night when i have about 8 pages to write on a topic i hate when other people are doing fun things.  however, that is motivation none the less. 

I am super-excited about sohlberg 106 next year, it is going to be crazy, feel free to stop by anything.  Take care.