Tuesday April 29, 2003

hello all those reading this…

Sorry about the lenghly delay in my post, i guess this xanga site is no longer the priority it used to be… oh well, there is a season for everything.

and clearly this is the season for juggling.  both juggling finals, relationships and summer jobs, but of course literal juggling.  This past weekend i went to a juggling festival (friday night i was accompanied by josh and jim (i would link their xanga sites, but lack the knowhow…)) If you did not know, juggling is a hobby of mine that sucks up alot of my time.  besides catching the ocassional falling pickle jar, juggling has no real-world applications, i mean sure the chicks dig hot jugglers, but i like to think i do it for something a little more… the sheer enjoyablity of juggling.  It is super cool and a great hobby.  i will teach all those interested to learn.. leave a comment and i will get back to you.  Juggling is super hot.

Thursday April 17, 2003

Greetings web-disciples-

how is everyone?  i am doing abolutly fabulously.  where to begin, where to begin.  for the sake of oddity, i will begin with the end and finish with the start.

right now i am updating my xanga site.  before that watchedthe end of airplane, before that, camp grant meeting (COVENANT HEIGHTS, OH BABY (actually excessive capitals really bother me at times…)).  Before that, essay (racial justice, i am a pro, i have already hammered out 9 pages!!!).  before that dinner, and before that, more essay (well, i guess with the backwards retelling less essay…(i worked on that essay a ton today, like 5 hours(it should be noted that excessive parathesis do NOT bother me(but that ‘not’ just did)))).  then lunch, CS lewis, then sleep, then shower, then breakfast and then sleep.  And that is the yad (get it day backwards….(also, ellipses do not bother me.)

thats that.  what to enlighten the mass with tonight…

i really like a wide variety of music.  i have decided to list my ‘favorite playlist.’

don’t let go-weezer

the middle-jimmy eat world

i still haven’t found what i’m looking for-U2

forty days-third day

still waiting-sum 41

if i had a million dollars-barenaked ladies

the boxer-simon and garfunkel

(cello) prelude-yo-yo ma

ode to a butterfly-nickel creek

baba o’riley-the who


superstion-stevie wonder

it’s a shpadoinkle day- cannibal the musical

eye of the tiger-rocky soundtrack.

don’t fear the reaper- blue oyster cult

i also listen to radio on-line (classic r&b, bluesy rock, blues, baroque, industrial)

thats all, i hope you find that insight into my life interesting.


Tuesday April 15, 2003

Greeting all those in the xanga universe:

today has been a pretty average day.  i woke up around 900, stumbled over to ara for breakfast.  i then proceed to sit around, do some reading and work on an essay.  then a cello lesson and CS lewis class (Ah, good old CS Lewis, that class is my favorite of all time, the teacher is always clear, funny, and informative). Then lunch, the traditional meeting of the lunch trinity (of which only 2 parts remain…)  Then, i ventured down the brown line (well, red line too) to downtown.  Believe it or not, i am a juggler, and there happens to be a spot on the lake where jugglers congregate, so i joined them today.  I worked on back-crosses, and 4-ball shower tricks.

now you are probably saying 2 things: wow, thats really cool, and can i learn how to juggle.  the response to both statements is yes.  yes, i am cool, and yes you can learn.  I am considering starting im juggling next year (or something of the sort),  if you have a strong opinion either way, leave me a message (haha, this is just an elaborate ploy to get more comments, i enjoy recieving them)  well, no it’s not, im juggling may be here before you know, and i am sure you will want to tell your children (aka future north parkers) that you got in on the bottom floor and the you did know the (then) famous ‘andy’.

after that, dinner in the ara, then i went to work at the library.  then simpsons, computer games and xanga update.  that is a day in the life of andy, i hope you found it exciting and insightful.  take care and have a great day.  keep your eyes peeled for im juggling.

my favorite quote from the 306 quote boad:

“why do we use quotation marks on the quote board?  I mean, isn’t that sort of redundant?”

Sunday April 13, 2003

Greetings webdisciples, your leader has returned

i apologize for my lengthy delay from the xanga universe.  Unlike other naive mortals, (extant1), i know that my presence in the xanga universe is more that good, it is needed and necessary.  I think that this point can best be summed up, not in a complex, dry and boring argument, but in a line from one of my favorite movies:

“what would the world be like without captain Hook?”

(this quote works much better if you replace world with ‘xanga universe’, hook with ‘web-guru andy’)  that’s right, i am sure that it makes many points that your finite and feeble mind can not yet grasp. 

the cause of my lengthy delay from the xanga community is largely due to my racial justice class.  It was a good class, very intensive with many large ideas and concepts dropped on me in a very short period of time.  more revelations to come as i process and unpack the classes more.

i am super excited ’bout having Kristi and Lisa chill at home over break with us.  It is going to be crazy, thrift stores, grandmas meatloaf, kielbasa, braveheart, josh and timmy, all around craziness.

i hope to have an absolutely splendid day, if you wish to help in my mission, well you see me in the near future, stop me and say, ‘hey andy, have a great day’.  I will try and reciprocate the best i can.  not only with this increase the ‘splendidness’ (there i go butcherizing the english language again) of my day, it will also help me determine who my true web-disciples are.  thank you for your cooperation in this manner.

this post thing is running long, attesting to how bored i currently am.  you are probably thinking, ‘wait, how can he be bored when he has so many essays due??’  you feeble mind, the very essence of college is having a lot to do, putting it off toil the last minute and then complaining about, no of course not your procrastination and laziness, rather, that this class is too hard, or that you have no time to eat or sleep, only drink coffee (or in my case mountain dew and tang)  and anxiously rock well hastily typing a second rate paper.  I go into much more detail on this unique phenomenon in an early post, go back and review.

i hope that you are all having a great day and that none of you are anxiously and hastily stringing words together to collect some more college credit.  Take care


Tuesday April 8, 2003

greeting web crawlers,

life is grand.  I have decided to make a list of things that make me happy:

  1. slightly cloudy, breezy spring days.
  2. clean socks, better yet, new socks.
  3. backrubs.
  4. correctly cooked bacon.
  5. hearing your favorite song on the radio.
  6. smelling the air after the rain.
  7. sleeping when tired.
  8. happy smiles and good laughs
  9. companionship
  10. comments on this website!

i have no idea why i put this in cyber-space, but i have a nagging suspecrtion that the internet was created for this and all the little dancing hamsters.  take care, and have a great day.


Sunday April 6, 2003

greetings web-disciples,

(see I do have a messianic complex)

sorry about the lengthy delay, I wish I could say that I was using the time to better myself or the world, but in reality, I was not.  I do not know what I have been doing (or cannot tell you what I have been doing) but I hope to make a triumphal return to the xanga universe.  where to begin where to begin….

my intensive week-long class started today, racial justice, it seems good and interesting, I think I will enjoy it.  I had a divine vision two nights ago that commanded me to spend the time after heights this summer touring the west.  I plan on spending an extra week or so in the CO area, and then slowly venturing westward until I hit the ocean, and back again with a beautiful SoCal girl at my side (so if you happen to be that SoCal girl, give me a call sometime, preferably sooner than later (I am sure my website has a following across the globe)). as of right now, both my parents totally support it and pledged full financial backing, so I have that going for me.

  besides the divine visions and covert operations, my life has been pretty plain and easy-going.  I am still a genius, thus rendering class easy and boring.  i manage to stay humble.  i must be going, but i hope that everyone will go the the ‘storyhill’ concert, it will be crazy.  take care and happy birthday melissa!

Tuesday April 1, 2003

let me tell you about my day…  I got my contract to covenant heights today in tha mail, that was pretty exciting.  then i checked my email and my night class tonight (sociology from 6:30-9:50) had been cancelled!  needless to say, this is good and i feel like i have been given more time.  more time for what you ask?  I do not know, i may waste it up-dating this again.  i hope to add some beatiful (wait, i mean hanesome) pictures of things on this mother shortly, but my computer knowledge is limited in that area.  well, all areas around computers really.  let me enlighten you and broaden your horizons with some amusing facts from my life…

  • i once owned a chicken.
  • i am a member of the grand rapids juggling club
  • no matter how hard you try, you cannot drink an entire gallon of milk.
  • i once walked through a dump in 99 cent flip flops.
  • i can walk on water
  • i am an all-state quiz bowler (12th in state, oh baby, the chicks loved us!)
  • no matter how hungry or desperate you are, cereal with water instead of milk is never good.
  • blood stains things that were white.
  • i have a messianic complex.
  • giraffes have blue tongues

thats the list, they are all true, except maybe the one about walking on water, that is not true…. yet.  i hope you feel enlightened, after all, you are at college to embrace your emotions and learn the proper response to things.  This IS sublime.