Sending Article Level Metadata from OJS to DOAJ

That’s a pretty scary sounding title…but the process was actually super simple. I just want to document it here for my own future reference and to share with others looking to do the same thing.


In my role as Technical Advisor for the Covenant Quarterly, I oversaw the application process for our journal into the Directory of Open Access Journals. Including it here seemed important because this was the main repository for Open Access Journals and it seemed like the logical place. Once the journal was accepted – which took quite a while! – we have the option to add article level metadata to that index. Here is our journal page along with the content of the journal –

Exporting Article Level Metadata from OJS

This was surprisingly easy. In the Import/Export Plugins I used the DOAJ Export Plugin. This allowed me to select the individual articles to export and then the system automatically created XML suitable for importing into DOAJ. After exporting, it gives you the ability the “mark as exported” to mark within OJS that you have completed this step.

Importing Article Level Metadata into DOAJ

Again, surprisingly easy. The XML export from OJS fed right into the DOAJ. In the Publisher Area of DOAJ, I navigated to the “Update Article XML” and uploaded the files directly. I read online that these files are processed every 30 minutes and after 30 minutes they were all successfully processed. The Table of Content regenerates overnight but everything looks good there too.

Next Steps

This workflow was really simple and quick; I plan on just exporting new articles as they are published. There seems to be a way to automate this process using the DOAJ’s APIs but I’m not ready to take that step and this workflow seems quite simple and workable now.

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