Vice-President for LIBRAS

Serve as Vice-President (President Elect) for LIBRAS – a regional library consortium focused on professional development and education.

Studs Terkel Radio Archive Description Internship

  • Gained experience working with a Digital Asset Management tool (Starchive) and managing digitized audiovisual content.
  • Improved access to records by adding a title, brief description, tags (natural language and Library of Congress Subject Headings), and categories (from a taxonomy) to records.
  • Corrected mistakes in existing metadata to ensure accuracy and improve usability.

Archival Volunteer – North Park University

  • Worked with the archivist to prioritize manuscript collections that needed processing or reorganization.
  • Processed and organized materials following specific guidelines and procedures while creating and maintaining accurate finding aids.
  • Implemented preservation techniques appropriate to an archival setting.

Team Member on the LIBRAS ILEAD USA

  • Selected for a continuing education program focused on participatory technology skills and leadership training
  • Explored ways to improve Constellation, the Institutional Repository managed by LIBRAS libraries

Treasurer for LIBRAS

  • Serve on the executive committee of a regional library consortium focused on professional development and knowledge sharing
  • Create budgets, manage the corporate account, handle all invoicing and reimbursements, coordinate with legal help to ensure national and state non-profit status

Member of the CARLI SFX System Committee

  • Work collaboratively with other librarians from across the state of Illinois to promote best practices for using SFX, an open-URL link resolver
  • Develop training materials for new SFX administrators as well as best practices for integrated SFX data into other library services

Intern for the Center for Railroad Photography and Art

  • Created metadata for more than 8,000 black and white negatives in the Fred M. Springer collection following local practice and national metadata standards
  • Performed quality control on the scanned images and organized files according to local conventions

Webmaster for the Northfield Historical Society

  • Updated and maintain the website for the Northfield Historical Society
  • Provide technical support and metadata expertise to ensure that digital content is accessible and the website can accommodate a growing collection of digital images