I am very comfortable with a variety of metadata standards including MARC, Dublin Core, and XML. I also have experience working with COUNTER compliant reports, EOCR and EDI, metadata harvesting via Z39.50, OpenURL linking, and other standards. I have limited experience working with PBCore, METS, and Premis. Continue reading “Metadata”

Social Media

I have managed a number of different institutional social media accounts  and was invited to serve as a panel member for a “Social Media Focus Group” sponsored by Taylor & Francis in Philadelphia. Continue reading “Social Media”


I use MacroExpress extensively for both my routine work and to automate aspects of my job. I’ve given several presentations about the uses of MacroExpress within the context of an academic library.


I have written many custom select queries within the Voyager environment and have shared my queries through the statewide consortia (CARLI).


I work as the SFX administrator for my library where I have improved performance and reduced errors to under 1% by updating the underlying KnowledgeBase and improving the user interface. I also serve on a statewide committee (CARLI’s SFX System Committee) that researches and promotes best practices for this tool.


I frequently use MarcEdit to batch edit electronic resources records and have experience adding URL proxy information, adding and changing call numbers, and modifying field information. Continue reading “MarcEdit”