Chair of the Commission on Covenant History

I lead the Commission by facilitating meetings, collaborating with denominational offices, and communicating successes and needs to outside stakeholders. I also coordinate membership, email newsletters, and social media for “Friends of Covenant History” a historical society sponsored by the Commission.

In the past few years, we have worked on a few major projects:

  • Worked with a professional translator and outsider reviewers to translate two historical guides into Spanish.
  • Coordinated logistics and outreach to support events relevant to Covenant history and identity.

    Poster from the Safstrom lecture.

Dr. Mark Safstrom gave a lecture on 2/25/2016 on the reading culture of the Mission Friends entitled “The Church That Reads Together, Stay Together.” This was attended by about 30 people.

Dr. Chris Gehrz gave a lecture on 2/21/2017 titled “The Pietist Option for (Current and Former) Evangelicals. This was attended by 70 people.

Poster for the Chris Gehrz lecture.

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