Welcome to my website! I call this website “A Library is Many Things” (learn more about the title of the site) and this is where I share my thoughts on libraries and, more generally, data and technology.

The site’s subtitle –¬†“I use data and technology to tell stories that facilitate personal and communal transformation” – is a personal mission statement of sorts that I hope summarizes my current work and will guide future projects.

My Thoughts on Libraries

Personal Digital Archiving for Clergy

Managing digital assets¬†is now a critical part of our society. I wanted to put together some notes for a presentation on personal digital archiving that I’ve proposed for the Covenant’ MidWinter gathering of pastors. If this proposal is accepted, this post will be a first, rough draft of the content I hope to cover there.

The Pietist Ethos and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

I just wrote and submitted a piece to the North Park website. It reflects on a recent campus lecture about Pietism and while it’s not exactly about libraries, it is about transformation and does capture some early thoughts that might be related to my “pietism and libraries” project. So here it goes!